Get losing weight now!

January 6, 2013

WL ontrack revWhat about weight loss with absolute caring, personal help for 3 months?

My Bolt to Success program ensures the rubbish foods/drinks are kicked out, that you have no desire for sweet and fattening food, that you eat the size portions you need and actually leave food on your plate if there is too much. It also delves into the whys and wherefores of your eating nipping the triggers in the bud.  More about those in another blog. The important thing is to get started now while you are thinking about it.

  1. Ring for free 20 min phone/skype chat – to work out what you want to achieve and how to do it.  Contact me here
  2. Book your first consultation – it will be in person, or on Skype.
  3. Pay and get the online program – you will get the link and be able to start immediately even before your first consultation.
  4. Start learning all sorts of wonderful things: enjoy the completely different weight loss process of consultations, audios and videos.
  5. Notice the difference to your thoughts, attitude to food and the way you feel and look. It is a great feeling!

Start here!

Great news on weight loss!

December 9, 2012

My extremely supportive weight loss program started in September. After three months those first people are now finishing and the results are really lovely.

Everyone who comes to me for weight loss has been conscious of their figure all their life and tried just about every diet imaginable. They say ‘You are my last resort. If this doesn’t work I don’t know what I’ll do’  This is pretty scary stuff, but what a challenge!

During this time we have learned many things.

  • That food shouldn’t be the total focus of weight loss. A many pronged approach is mandatory.
  • That weight gain is not necessarily genetic.
  • That there is always something blocking weight loss when diets haven’t worked, and no ordinary diet program looks at this.
  • That a blockage may even be something that someone said years ago that, ‘just stuck’ like;  ‘You look just like your mother’, or  ‘You’ll get sick if you are too thin’ or ‘ You’ll never change’.Things that hit a spot and keep subliminally repeating throughout your life.
  • Often blockages are something that happened that someone has never ever told anyone, they have been too ashamed to. These need to be gently and safely cleared and this doesn’t take long, perhaps only 20 minutes, and what a relief!
  • That weight loss happens in it’s own time. A mindset change has to happen first.
  • That having a wonderful figure isn’t the most important thing in this world. It’s the way you feel about yourself that matters.
  • That eating is just eating. You need to eat to survive. Your thoughts do not need to be constantly on the subject of food.

I could go on and on. Suffice to say that diets don’t work for many, many reasons and every single person is different. Finding what works for you is the key. It is an unravelling process but the results can be amazing and life changing. If you want to lose weight you need to find someone professional who is prepared to work with you on this and my program is really proving itself now.

Bolt-To-Success weight loss program

September 8, 2012

Just got to tell you about my new 3 month long, very supportive, Bolt-To-Success weight loss program. This is the program you do when you are fed up with diets, calorie counting, shakes, special foods and boot camps. If you have lost weight and put it back on numerous times and are still overweight this is for you. If you can’t be bothered with diets this is for you. It is fun and different!  People report how easy it is and how much happier they are.

There are 5 really supportive face to face or skype consultations, clear online modules including my 5 on-track hypnosis audios, EFT videos, and a journal. And there’s caring responsive email support. This covers anyone world wide.

If you want to lose weight you will find this is different from anything you would have done in the past and you will find it fun and satisfying. You can read more here, email to book a free 30 minute phone/skype consultation to find out if this might suit you.

The Important stuff

July 6, 2012

TAaa DAaa  here are my new hypnosis for weight loss recordings.

These are for people who haven’t the time or money to go out and find someone to help them. I am the someone who is right there for them, on their mp3 player, iPod or phone, giving them the motivation needed to focus on cutting out the rubbish food, eating healthily, stopping eating when full, thinking thin, exercising to burn the calories off and much more.

This is a great way of sorting yourself out and fitting the clothes you want to wear this summer.  And no, it is not too late to start that process. This series consists of 5 tracks. You listen to one for a week then move to the next. All in all 5 weeks. The sooner you start the sooner you feel the benefit.

There are weekly emails to inspire you on and if you want to add a consultation or two by Skype you are most welcome to.

Did I tell you the price?  No?  Well its just £35 for the whole 5 audios and the 2 introductory tracks!  This is barely the cost of one audio and about a tenth of the price of a series of consultations. A bit of a no brainer really.

There’s lots more information here with excerpts to listen to prior to purchase.

Someone said, ‘Do you treat that, too?’

June 14, 2011

After that comment I thought I would let you know the other sorts of things I treat. Those other sorts of things that people want help with and seek out a therapist for various reasons.  Some have had lots of tests and the Doctor says there is nothing there, nothing to worry about but they have still got the symptoms and want to get better.

One such person was Clare (name changed for confidentiality) who had had a miscarriage and had not been able to get pregnant again. The Doctor said all is ok, but that wasn’t helping her to get back in a cycle, nor her sense of loss and tears at having lost a baby, nor her feelings of failure, or her jealousy at seeing other people pregnant, nor the counting off the months and thinking how pregnant she would be now if she had not lost it.  Women in this state need help. They need relaxation to sort their system out, get it back in sync, and reassurance that all really is ok. Clare was grieving, and needed help to say the things she needed to say about, and to, her lost child. We talked it through and she found the love and forgiveness she needed. The soothing tapping of EFT (emotional freedom technique) helped us here. At home she will use the relaxation hypnotherapy audios I have done for her for a previous condition and I hope she soon conceives

Another person was Janet, who only uses complementary medicine. She has a weight issue which is wrapped around household obsessions and her family. There are many emotional issues tied up here and we are unravelling them with great care and safety. I have a number of clients like Janet, who have obsessions, or worries, about negative thoughts, routines, food and the like. They benefit in numerous ways as we progress, including gaining more confidence and self belief.

I not only listen, as a counsellor or psychotherapist might, but I am proactive too. Having trained in CBT, EFT, NLP and energy therapy, as well as Hypnosis I am able to teach people really helpful techniques they can use. As they help themselves they progress faster and feel better quicker.

Apart from relationship, IBS, anxiety issues, help to get jobs, driving tests, flying phobias, and smokers who want to quit, there have been numerous children and teenagers this last couple of weeks. Bed wetting and nail biting issues, study for exams, confidence, and sports techniques that need to be mastered. It is delightful to see the smiles on their faces when they experience hypnotherapy. They love it.

So, you see there are many differing ways hypnotherapy and EFT can help. It is fascinating to see people change for the better without drugs, just using a bit of help  to access their own resources. If you relate to any of these do phone for a chat . 07962 811907 and look at my website.

Anxiety problems

March 21, 2011

Approximately 80% of people I see come with anxiety of one form or another. Anything from presentation anxiety to driving and flying anxieties, and then to deep rooted worries from maybe sexual abuse, bereavements, relationship issues or a myriad of others.

Sleeplessness, night time teeth grinding, tenseness, snappiness, or withdrawal can be a direct result of anxiety or worry.

If you have acute anxiety, it becomes a panic attack and you will know what I mean. You are in a certain situation and then all of a sudden your palms get sweaty, your heart starts pounding, your chest feels tight, maybe your breathing becomes shallow. You tense up, a knot develops in your stomach, or butterflies. Maybe you feel nauseous, have trouble thinking clearly or speaking legibly. Most sufferers just want to run and hide. This is not nice.

In most cases as one symptom is felt the next one is anticipated, and then the next. This self monitoring makes the symptoms develop more. The expectation is there, they will happen.  And the worst thing about this is that it happens more frequently and you have no control over it. This can be very frightening and certainly saps energy, and self confidence.

Many withdraw, avoid situations, so they don’t feel embarrassed in front of others.

Women can get this way, especially when they feel self conscious about their weight, and often weight issues go right back to old anxieties. And I know men can get anxious when it comes to work presentations and they often find they cannot progress in their jobs until they deal with it.

Children can get like this, too, at exam times, and often as a result of bullying or verbal abuse, or just pressure to meet their parents’ expectations.

The trick is to break the pattern in a safe and helpful way, and it can be done quite easily if one just asks for the right, objective help to do so. And the nicest thing is that when these old responses are released all of a sudden the world opens up and so many nice things happen.

A recent example was a lovely 16 year old boy whose mother brought for help to relieve his flying anxiety, prior to a school trip. It took three sessions to deal with his issues. He not only had a great trip but the anxiety he had experienced at exam time was also gone.  He is very happy with the outcome, more relaxed, more self confident, and his mother has commented on his new maturity. It has been a good result for the whole family.

Perhaps you know of someone who feels anxious in some way? Please suggest they seek help. Life is too short to waste in worry, fear and tightness. If anyone wants to know more do visit my website and check out the stress and anxiety page and then call for a chat. Maybe I can help.

What road will you travel in 2011?

December 29, 2010

Our life is like a road. Think of it as a motorway with lots of side roads. Sometimes everything is going well and we are moving fast.  Sometimes we get side tracked and end up on another motorway, other times it seems like we are way off course, have hit a bumpy road, or even a road block.

So, thinking of 2010, were you on a motorway? Was your journey planned or did it seem like a pretty aimless year?  For instance if you had plotted it into your Sat Nav are you now in a different place than the one you started at last January? Could it have been better?

Now is the time to make 2011 better. There will be many journeys to put into your sat nav for the year and wouldn’t it be great if each one was on a motorway taking you someplace exciting. Are you ready for some adventure?

And, thinking of yourself as that vehicle, are you a sleek racing car, or an older model with some rust, some dints, with very little power, and perhaps no spare in the boot?

It’s not much use expecting a great road ahead if the car hasn’t the power and resources to travel it!

While a car can easily be replaced, unfortunately your body can’t. You can, however, get it fixed.

Maybe you haven’t been firing on all cylinders, and need an energy tune up. That will make a huge difference immediately. Then, you can learn to recharge yourself with decent sleep. Things holding you back like, frustration, procrastination, stress, pain, anxiety, anger and depression can be cleared. Fear, insecurity and worries about the future, can be dealt with. Weight issues, lack of confidence, inability to find a partner can be conquered, if you wish.

Getting rid of the pot holes and obstacles in the way opens and smoothes the road ahead. It becomes clearer, far easier to travel. New resources appear along the way. Success is within us all.

So, if you want to make 2011 a far better year than 2010, perhaps a brilliant year, I invite you to start with a ‘tune up’, an MOT and some help to programme your sat nav. Get yourself on the right road, then put your foot down, enjoy the scenery and the wind through your hair.

Special offer: FREE with all January MOT bookings. Learn to sleep deeply, and recharge your batteries, every night with my special recording. Two tracks to choose from to ensure you sleep soundly, wherever you sleep.

Phone 07962 811907 and book in now.