Bolt-To-Success weight loss program

September 8, 2012

Just got to tell you about my new 3 month long, very supportive, Bolt-To-Success weight loss program. This is the program you do when you are fed up with diets, calorie counting, shakes, special foods and boot camps. If you have lost weight and put it back on numerous times and are still overweight this is for you. If you can’t be bothered with diets this is for you. It is fun and different!  People report how easy it is and how much happier they are.

There are 5 really supportive face to face or skype consultations, clear online modules including my 5 on-track hypnosis audios, EFT videos, and a journal. And there’s caring responsive email support. This covers anyone world wide.

If you want to lose weight you will find this is different from anything you would have done in the past and you will find it fun and satisfying. You can read more here, email to book a free 30 minute phone/skype consultation to find out if this might suit you.

Update on hypnosis weight loss audios

July 18, 2012

Well, Miranda has lost a stone (14lbs) in the three weeks she has been listening. She told me that after listening to just two of the audios they have completely changed the way she eats and feels about food. L reported a natural increase in her exercising and gave a typical example of her new eating habits. Last week she wasn’t even interested in the doughnuts someone brought in at work whereas she would have had one or two previously. It was easy, she just didn’t have one, and she was ok with that.  A. says she is sleeping better, has cut back portion sizes hugely and absolutely believes she can do this. These girls have a lot to lose and I am right there for them.

Remember these hypnosis mp3’s have been on sale for barely four weeks, there are lots gone  and these are just a sample of the comments from people I have seen.

Some people are listening to each one for 2 weeks as they have the time and are really committed. Some are listening for the allocated one week each. Whatever, these audios will do their job. all you need to do is listen. If you want to know more look here.

Post 100

July 12, 2012

This my 100th wordpress post. Well, what have I achieved in 100 posts over 2 years?

It started out as a blog to record myself learning to play golf and using hypnosis to do so. It was amazing when I had that zone feeling brought on by hypnosis, to just know where you were going to place the golf ball no matter how difficult the shot and to just do it.  Unfortunately that all went by the wayside as I got really busy with clients and pushed my practice to the next level.

My new and improved website was the focus last year, 2011, and it has paid off hands down. It was designed to inform visitors about my work and to include all the hypnosis and EFT I do. An e-commerce function was included so I could sell my hypnosis cd and mp3 audios online.  I produced 9 audios in 2011 which was a much bigger feat than I imagined, what with planning, recording, music mixing, graphic cover designs and the copy-writing involved. I am delighted with them and they are selling which is so encouraging. The blog has helped.

This year, 2012, has seen me move to another level with 6 more audios including the start of a real hypnosis weight loss programme for people serious about losing weight and wanting to do it both effectively and cheaply. It took six months to prepare those audios and now the results are coming in, and they are good. Adding personalised EFT consultations to them strengthens the results and removes blocks to progress.

While I love the patient contact here in my clinics, I can see the potential to reach them and lots of others online and am excited by this. More helpful audios and videos are in the pipeline. More Skype consultations, too. I do want this to be a truly global yet very personal practice, one that can reach people in need anywhere they have a computer.

As I write my articles for magazines so I put them on my blog, as I think of something helpful I put it here on my blog or on my hypnosis cd and mp3 Facebook page. They all link up now so it is becoming easier. Roll on the next 100 wordpress posts!

The Important stuff

July 6, 2012

TAaa DAaa  here are my new hypnosis for weight loss recordings.

These are for people who haven’t the time or money to go out and find someone to help them. I am the someone who is right there for them, on their mp3 player, iPod or phone, giving them the motivation needed to focus on cutting out the rubbish food, eating healthily, stopping eating when full, thinking thin, exercising to burn the calories off and much more.

This is a great way of sorting yourself out and fitting the clothes you want to wear this summer.  And no, it is not too late to start that process. This series consists of 5 tracks. You listen to one for a week then move to the next. All in all 5 weeks. The sooner you start the sooner you feel the benefit.

There are weekly emails to inspire you on and if you want to add a consultation or two by Skype you are most welcome to.

Did I tell you the price?  No?  Well its just £35 for the whole 5 audios and the 2 introductory tracks!  This is barely the cost of one audio and about a tenth of the price of a series of consultations. A bit of a no brainer really.

There’s lots more information here with excerpts to listen to prior to purchase.

Additives in food – a bit of an eye opener!

June 30, 2012

This interesting and informative list of the top 10 nasty food additives arrived in my inbox this month. I put a link on my website and now want to save it somewhere. What better place than here.

Click further and become a bit more aware of what is good and what is not so you can make better food choices when you shop.

Weight loss at The Wyndham Centre, Baldock

June 27, 2012

Every now and then I like to promote local Hertfordshire businesses because I know the owners well and can recommend them with absolute confidence. The Wyndham Centre for healing is one of these.

Alison Wyndham set up this safe place 30 years ago with a variety of practicing therapists. As well as being a physiotherapist herself she helps people discover if they have food intolerances, or allergies, and sets an individual programme for them to overcome these. Often people with IBS and weight loss problems have intolerances and can make a good recovery when they are treated.

An addition to Alison’s repertoire is her Alternative Weight Loss Programme which looks at, and tests, specific digestive problems relating to bloating, and blockages to weight loss. And, she has added a new product to her range – the herbal based body slimming wrap.  I am told that it detoxifies, tightens, tones and firms where it is applied to the skin.  It minimises the unsightly appearance of cellulite and skin slackening. She says the results can be dramatic. Sounds so good I think I will try it out!

Check out the Wyndham Centre weight loss programme here  and her Get rid of cellulite wrap here 

My new hypnotic audios will work so well with this programme and together they will help people who want to lose weight, lose weight.
Check out my new hypnosis weight loss audio programme here

Weight loss – new audios coming

February 21, 2012

Well, this is week 5 of my new hypnosis weight loss audio trials – they are in mp3 format at present but will be available as both mp3 and CD when finalised. The feedback I am getting shows definite benefits, as I would expect. (It is not as if I haven’t seen hundreds of people of all shapes and sizes wanting to lose weight ranging from a few pounds to 9 and 10 stone)

I was going to feature these here on my blog weekly, to show progress, but hey, it takes some time to do this and when I am seeing loads of clients and spending all my spare weekends planning, recording and editing an audio for delivery every Tuesday, there isn’t really enough time.  So, I have decided to do quick short and sweet updates, such as this. Do you like my little picture here?  It is often so true.