Quick demo of how a dyslexic brain works

April 19, 2013

This is very helpful to any people with learning difficulties and parents or teachers who want to know more.It doesn’t matter what age you are.

Dissertations and exams

March 20, 2012

Perhaps you have some work to do over the Easter break, perhaps you have  exams very soon. Are you getting bogged down with revision, not knowing where to start, procrastinating, doing anything except what you should be? Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed, is it a hard subject, perhaps life is getting in the way… Is it all just too difficult?

Other people will say they managed theirs fine, they say all you need is to do some reading, and focus. Well, that’s fine for them to say, it doesn’t help, they don’t have your problems. It can be all very stressful.

Had you thought about hypnotherapy? It is particularly helpful for study and concentration. You explain what you want and then relax back gently day dreaming in a light trance while you are given a really positive boost to help you feel more alert and motivated as soon as you awaken. People love it.

So, think for a minute; if you were really focused right now just think how well you could get your work done. And because you would be organized the work you complete could be exactly what you planned, or even much better.

On the other hand if you carried on the way you are, well you just might be doing it all at the last minute, totally stressed out and tired, and hand in something mediocre, then stress out more waiting for the results.

Would it be worth an hour or two of your time to get yourself in the right frame of mind, uncluttered and clearer? Would you like to give yourself the opportunity to get better results?  Well, why not!  Vicki did and she said.

“I have been able to focus at a level of which I had never previously found possible, even in my undergraduate degree.”

Just two consultations will move you into your study, referencing, writing and concentrating immediately. No more procrastinating, just getting on and getting the work done.

If you want to try it out now then go to my website and download ‘Yes, I can’. This mp3 is only £7.99.  If you want very personal help, then ring and come for a consultation