Kate Middleton, hypnotherapy and morning sickness

April 26, 2013

Well, when I come upon some celebrity who uses, or has used, hypnotherapy or EFT  then I just have to let you all know.

Here is an article written about Kate Middleton and the morning sickness she has suffered through some of her pregnancy. While her privacy has been well guarded during this time the media still want to get any little bits they can. This article is one such snippet of information.


Morning sickness is awful and usually finished by the end of the first three months, however that is a long time when you are throwing up every morning, and sometimes throughout the day, too. There’s the worry of eating, and the worry of not eating, and the baby needs nourishment but you don’t want to spend your life feeling like you don’t know when you’ll have to shoot off to collapse in the toilet.

In some cases morning sickness extends for more months, and requires intravenous feeding. Read the link…there is quite a bit of information there.



Someone said, ‘Do you treat that, too?’

June 14, 2011

After that comment I thought I would let you know the other sorts of things I treat. Those other sorts of things that people want help with and seek out a therapist for various reasons.  Some have had lots of tests and the Doctor says there is nothing there, nothing to worry about but they have still got the symptoms and want to get better.

One such person was Clare (name changed for confidentiality) who had had a miscarriage and had not been able to get pregnant again. The Doctor said all is ok, but that wasn’t helping her to get back in a cycle, nor her sense of loss and tears at having lost a baby, nor her feelings of failure, or her jealousy at seeing other people pregnant, nor the counting off the months and thinking how pregnant she would be now if she had not lost it.  Women in this state need help. They need relaxation to sort their system out, get it back in sync, and reassurance that all really is ok. Clare was grieving, and needed help to say the things she needed to say about, and to, her lost child. We talked it through and she found the love and forgiveness she needed. The soothing tapping of EFT (emotional freedom technique) helped us here. At home she will use the relaxation hypnotherapy audios I have done for her for a previous condition and I hope she soon conceives

Another person was Janet, who only uses complementary medicine. She has a weight issue which is wrapped around household obsessions and her family. There are many emotional issues tied up here and we are unravelling them with great care and safety. I have a number of clients like Janet, who have obsessions, or worries, about negative thoughts, routines, food and the like. They benefit in numerous ways as we progress, including gaining more confidence and self belief.

I not only listen, as a counsellor or psychotherapist might, but I am proactive too. Having trained in CBT, EFT, NLP and energy therapy, as well as Hypnosis I am able to teach people really helpful techniques they can use. As they help themselves they progress faster and feel better quicker.

Apart from relationship, IBS, anxiety issues, help to get jobs, driving tests, flying phobias, and smokers who want to quit, there have been numerous children and teenagers this last couple of weeks. Bed wetting and nail biting issues, study for exams, confidence, and sports techniques that need to be mastered. It is delightful to see the smiles on their faces when they experience hypnotherapy. They love it.

So, you see there are many differing ways hypnotherapy and EFT can help. It is fascinating to see people change for the better without drugs, just using a bit of help  to access their own resources. If you relate to any of these do phone for a chat . 07962 811907 and look at my website.