New year’s resolutions: weight loss is the celebrity!

January 6, 2013

Yes, weight loss has surely topped the list of New Year’s resolutions yet again!  And, coming in at No.2 is ‘To stay fit and healthy’. It is true that there are many, many of us who are not that happy with the way we look and feel. There is room for improvement.

Now, of all those who decide to do something about getting in shape 30% will lose their motivation in the first two weeks, 46% will make it to the 6 month mark in June, and only 12% will achieve their goal. Please make sure you are in that 12%.

Please spend your money wisely. In short do not diet, do not take to shakes or do anything rash. All you need to do is cut back on the rubbish food you eat and drink, cut back totally on sugar, eat portions of food to reflect the amount of exercise you are doing and get out and walk. This will get your metabolism stimulated, get your food assimilated properly and start the process of turning fat into muscle.

While you can do this yourself quite simply and it will make a huge difference, in many cases there are other reasons for weight gain. Understanding these reasons will be a topic for my next blog.

Fitness & weight loss programs: Do you sabotage your success?

November 7, 2012

It is now is the time to face a cold hard fact.

For everyone who starts any program or class there are those that don’t make the progress that others do. We know that everyone is different but what actually does make the winners succeed and stay on track? And, what is it that makes others fail, wander off onto other tracks, get lost, and never succeed.

Perhaps we can liken it to the Olympic athletes. What makes those who get selected better than those who don’t?  In most cases the answer is attitude; attitude to stay focused and to train despite all the things that could side-track them. It is difficult but they do it, and those that do it best get the medals.

So, I am going to ask you two easy questions about your attitude:

1. How much do you WANT to be slimmer or fitter, or whatever? If you want to you will be researching, finding the best way for you, putting it in place and doing it.

2. How much do you BELIEVE you can?  Now, this is a completely different question. This is a bit scary for those who have been on diets for years, and are now back to square one; scary too, for those who are still paying for an unused gym membership, or who ‘gave up’ last time. There can be a lot of doubt, such as, ‘What if I fail again?’

When we have doubt in our minds we make excuses, we try to avoid the situation, or blame other things if we fail; ‘They don’t do that class now’, ‘I am too busy’, ‘She cooked it so I couldn’t say no’. There are so many excuses people use to justify why they haven’t done something. In many cases they are in a repeat mental program that started years ago. Unconsciously they are sabotaging their own progress.

So, today I am suggesting that you get your priorities right. Improved fitness and health will make a huge difference to you, your work and your relationships with others. You deserve that! Use your drive and determination to be a winner.

And, if anyone even thinks of excuses, or finds themselves side-tracked, recognise it as a ‘self sabotaging belief blockage’ and deal with it now. I am very good at finding why unconscious blockages happen and freeing them.

If this rings true to you then it’s ok to contact me  for a confidential chat, in fact please do.

6 easy ways to get slimmer and fitter for free

September 12, 2012

Weren’t the Olympics amazing?  and the Paralympics were an eye opener. What challenges these people had to get over to attend the Games and what achievements they had.

I suspect they may have spurred you on to look a bit closer at your own waistline and fitness levels

So what can YOU do about getting slimmer and fitter?

1. Walking or cycling is easy enough. It is pleasant to get out in the fresh air and good for your muscle tone and health. If you exercise for half an hour 4 times every week in six months you will have made a huge difference to your body shape and mind clarity.

2. Drink water often. It is free, and if you put a slice of lemon, lime or orange in it you will enjoy the taste and help your digestion.

3. Cut back, or eliminate all fizzy drinks. The sugar in them is seriously and frighteningly fattening.

4. Eat only what you need. Many people eat way too much ‘rubbish’ food. Say, “No thank you, I don’t need that,” more often. It is surprisingly easy to say No, and surprisingly liberating.

5. Say “Yes,” more often. Say “Yes” to fruit, veges and salads. Say “Yes” to having a buddy to do all this with. Know that yes is an easy word to say when you think of your health and fitness. Say “Yes, I can do this!”.

6. Be more aware of your conversations. No-one else wants to hear your excuses. If you want to be slimmer and fitter then do it. Show others you are capable of it. Actions do speak louder than words, and best of all, you benefit. Yes!

Put these 6 easy steps into place and you will not only slim down and feel more energized but you will also save money.

Now, if you have a problem with motivation there may well be a blockage or two preventing your progress. It is quite likely that these have unconsciously stopped, or sidetracked, you in the past. Maybe a helpful coach with good ideas and techniques to clear these would spur you on?

My fully supportive 3 month ‘Bolt to success’ weight loss program recognizes that people want real help to succeed. It includes: 5 hours of very personal appointments; my 5 successful hypnotic healthy mindset audios; clear energizing meridian ‘tapping’ videos; helpful tips and techniques, all wrapped up into a constructive, caring package with unlimited support. There’s even a free phone consultation so that when you start we have covered the basics and can move on immediately the first session begins.

This is a motivational mindset change and it works. Like Miranda you could be 2 months on and 2 stone gone.

World Tapping Summit – May 7th on

May 4, 2012

Hi there again

As you probably know I use EFT with many of my clients and we are always amazed at how quickly they notice change.  So, I feel it is really important to let you know about  the annual world tapping summit which is on once again over 10 days starting this coming Monday, May 7th.

It is a huge online event with interviews of world leaders in EFT (emotional Freedom technique) who use this in their daily lives and who help others succeed.  I really recommend you checking out the amazing speakers and even just tuning in to one or two of the sessions. It is hands on, the process is explained, you can benefit from any session. People have literally made personal changes just listening!

Over 300,000 attended this event online last year and the registration figures to date have eclipsed this. I thought that instead of bombarding you with all the emails and videos that have come out prior to this well run event that I would put them in one central place and you could just view them from here.

Nick Orter talks on retraining your brain to help you succeed

Kris Carr talks on the causes of illness and ways to improve health

Cheryl Richardson talks on EFT for fears and phobias

It is free and here is where you register 

This bottom link details everything covered and when. You can dip in and dip out and each one is free for 24 hours so you can fit it in with your timezone. And it starts this coming Monday May 7th. Click through and take a good look.

Hypnosis during the birth of your baby

March 3, 2012

One of the people I saw yesterday was S who is at Week 36 of her pregnancy. The baby is now growing and she is much bigger out the front and feeling slightly out of balance. She has just finished work this week which means that it is time to focus on the coming baby.

S learned hypnosis for the birth of her first baby and found it very helpful, so she has come back for two sessions to reinforce it for this second one.

Yesterday, in deep pleasant, hypnosis we did a labour practice run. I firstly reminded her of what happens in each stage of labour including how the first stage opens the cervix enough for the baby’s head to come through. During this time the muscles of the uterus contract and the process softens and stretches the cervix. The muscle contractions are like any other muscle contraction. I likened this to moving your arm, contracting your biceps muscle. After doing it awhile it can get a bit sore and tired but it is ok. It is not something you do everyday, it is to be expected. The same happens with your uterine muscles. In hypnosis you learn to accept it as some pressure and to flow with it. Fighting and tensing with the contractions makes it unpleasant. Flowing with the movements makes it easier and quicker for the cervix to soften and stretch. Being in hypnosis, relaxed away in some nice place in your mind makes the time between contractions seem long and the contractions themselves seem very short. The baby is certainly not put under any undue stress and neither are you.

The second stage of labour is the continual contractions as the baby passes through the vagina and into our world. This is the pushing stage. Once again flowing with this helps it to happen quickly. The third stage is the passing of the placenta, which is easier, it happens while the baby is in your arms.

Women who have hypnosis prior to giving birth, and use it for as much of the birth as they can (even if they have complications), notice they recover more easily and their babies are much calmer and settled during those first weeks and months.

Weight loss – new audios coming

February 21, 2012

Well, this is week 5 of my new hypnosis weight loss audio trials – they are in mp3 format at present but will be available as both mp3 and CD when finalised. The feedback I am getting shows definite benefits, as I would expect. (It is not as if I haven’t seen hundreds of people of all shapes and sizes wanting to lose weight ranging from a few pounds to 9 and 10 stone)

I was going to feature these here on my blog weekly, to show progress, but hey, it takes some time to do this and when I am seeing loads of clients and spending all my spare weekends planning, recording and editing an audio for delivery every Tuesday, there isn’t really enough time.  So, I have decided to do quick short and sweet updates, such as this. Do you like my little picture here?  It is often so true.

Weight loss – getting it right

February 15, 2012

Last month I mentioned how our life is like a road, we have to get on the right one or we end up someplace else.

For the likes of people who are carrying excess fat, unless they are doing something about it, they are on the road to Fatter and to More Miserable which lead to Diabetes, Heart disease, and to Illness.

This seems a bit defeatist but it is proven to them daily by the way they eat in secret, eat too much, and always go on diets. “Oh, that one worked, I lost 5 stone”, I hear people say when they come. But they have put it all back on, so how did it work? There must have been something wrong.

There is one consolation about diets, people at least get a taste of how good it feels to have energy, and a waist, and wear off-the-shelf clothes. They loved it but why did it all go back on? Did they not kick their bad eating habits?  Did they not continue exercising? Weren’t they strong enough to withstand a blip?

I have been dealing with weight issues for some years now, completely naturally. Half a stone a month is great to keep it off permanently, so for 5 stone that may well be almost a year. It is the first 3 months that counts. Once you get in the zone and put things in perspective it all becomes second nature. Using hypnotherapy and EFT (emotional freedom technique) I start people thinking positively, we look at what they eat, when, and why. After a couple of consultations they say things like ‘I wasn’t even thinking about it and I left food on my plate’ or ‘It was bizzare, I only ate one!’

For weight loss you have to deal with the triggers that make you eat. Perhaps it is loneliness, difficult kids, the inability to cope, lack of confidence, a void, or something from the past that is hidden deep and the fat is protecting it so wont go away. These have to be dealt with. Diets don’t address these issues. And, it is no use thinking no one understands you. When people come I make it my business to.

Of course, to lose weight you need to have a positive attitude, awareness of what and how much is going in your mouth, and also some exercise to tone the muscles to take up the slack when the fat leaves. This is all part of my job.

If you are obese get a thorough medical check, and include thyroid, candida, and, in women, fibroids.  I am sure your doctor will think of other things too, and call me for a chat.