Another good day at the tapping world summit

May 15, 2012

Today I listened to Donna Eden talking about energy medicine and how tapping fits into it. Her wonderful book by the same name has many really practical exercises to get ones energy to work better. I teach my clients the basic ones as we get them ready for therapy. You can heal yourself if your energy is in sync.

I also listened to Dr Patricia Carrington talking about tapping with her choices method. You make a list down the left side of paper of all the things you are fed up with and don’t want, then make a list on the right side of the positive opposites. First you tap the negatives out, then you tap the positives in, then you tap negative and positive so that whenever you have a negative thought it is replaced with a positive. This is an excellent variation on the standard EFT tapping protocol and very effective.

Christmas down under

November 20, 2011

Since we have had Maree here I thought I might tell you about Christmas time ‘down under’ (I was brought up in the North Island of NZ and moved to Queensland in Oz in my early 30’s) I have been in England 7 years, just long enough to put up with the cold weather, well, at least until the festive decorations come down!

Now, if you were to drill straight down through the earth from here in Herts, you would probably come out in Dunedin or Christchurch in New Zealand, and while it would be exactly half way around the world, summer time, and12 hours further into the day, you wouldn’t be standing upside down. Isn’t it amazing how wonderful gravity is and how the whole universe works.

So, yes, it is summer time over there now. The school year is coming to a close with exams, parent interviews, end of year reports, school plays, and all the hustle and bustle of planning summer holidays, christmas presents and everything all at once. Schools finish mid December and the next school year begins early February.

One of the first holiday jobs was to go off with Dad into the countryside to find a tree branch that could become a Christmas tree.  The lovely fir trees you have for Christmas trees here do not grow in those warmer climates. All we got were plain, often scraggy, pine trees, but we knew no better because everyone had similar, if they didn’t have a fake ‘shop’ one. The pine smell was nice though and the tall branch was secured in an old bucket and decorated. We had no concept of a white Christmas, we had never ever even seen or touched snow!

Naturally the Christmas presents we liked were bikes and outdoor stuff for the summer holidays, fun things to do in the swimming pool or at the beach, kites, model planes that you made and went out and used, remote control stuff that you took out onto the front lawn and driveway, or down onto the sand at the beach. Of course books, movies and computer games are really popular, too, and because school is out for 6 whole weeks presents can be fully enjoyed all of the holidays

We didn’t stand on ceremony on Christmas day. It went like this… wake up, open a present left by your pillow, usually a book. (left to keep you entertained while Mum and Dad got to stay asleep until at least 6am) Then, all up and off to the Christmas tree to open the presents with breakfast somewhere in amongst that. It’s likely grandparents had stayed the night to allow them to join the fun, but if not then we all had to wait around for them to front up before we started. It was far better when they stayed over.

After breakfast, depending on your point of view it was off to church or the beach. If the latter it was a good opportunity to try out some of the new pressies and have some fun in the warm water. Often anyone coming for Christmas lunch might come along, too.

In Queensland preparations for lunch were minimal; everyone brought something. We usually had cold meat, and interesting salads laid out on the breakfast bar and we helped ourselves, most often still in our swimwear, and ate it out under the pergola. The weather was too hot for much else.  However, sometimes we’d make a fuss, dress up summery, use our nice table and sit down properly under the ceiling fan. Although we liked to have Christmas pudding and icecream we usually felt stuffed full afterwards!

The kids would then be ready for a fun swim in the backyard pool, the adults happy to chat, or do the jigsaw puzzle. Some sort of outdoors game often happened later in the afternoon; we had a badminton net up. The evening meal would be a bbq, the kids having great fun in and out of the water ‘til late.

A fab Christmas followed by summer holidays, often camping at the beach if you weren’t already there.  A fitting way to finish the year!

Enjoy your Christmas and know I am here if you need help with new years resolutions such as stopping smoking, weight loss, sports improvements, help with worry, confidence, and the like.

My soothing hypnotic CDs and mp3’s are worth checking out for Christmas presents, they offer real help for confidence, sleeping and healing. Find out more on, or just call and ask 07962 811907.

New and improved website live

September 21, 2011

Well, after months of work the improved and new website is up and running!  It has a completely new backend, Mat started from scratch building it with all the mod cons. We moved lots over to it and added loads more pages, I think there are more than 250 all up!  Yes, its pretty large but you don’t notice it from the front.

Some of the noticeable new improvements are the photos in the A-Z symptoms; a hugely improved and styled testimonial area with photos; new pages for pregnancy and birth, children, tinnitus, money worries, and past life regression and we have separated anxiety and worry. Theres new photos and updates all over!

The biggest new feature is the online shopping. I have been working on new hypnosis recordings to sell online. These are professionally put together with music and are in mp3 and CD format, very reasonably priced. The original idea was to put out a short mp3 that someone can listen to on the way to work to set themself up for the day. These form the confidence series. There’s a healing series and a sleep series, too, nine 22-23 minute audios in total so far. I keep having ideas for what the next ones will be and so there will be more series and more recordings in each. Watch this space!

So, do check out the website. Sign up for my newsletter and listen to a few audio tasters, too.

Past Life Regression

November 9, 2010

Have you ever considered past life regression?

One can go back in time (regression), or go forward in time (progression), in hypnotherapy.  A therapist may chose one of these in order to fully treat a symptom.

Past life regression may be chosen because a person is curious, maybe they have had a deja-vu experience, or something unusual fascinates them and they do not know why.  Maybe a therapist might suggest this therapy in order to explore an addiction, fear, or behaviour, that seems to make no positive progress with normal treatment.

Travelling back in time can be very enlightening. People can become involved in life in another century describing it in great detail, and with such feeling, that they could never have imagined it. Insight can be gained that will help with understanding and healing now. ‘Fascinating’ and ‘Amazing’ are some of the words people use to describe their experience afterwards. All want more!

An hour and a half past life regression session includes an comfortable introduction, the safe hypnotherapy, a debrief discussion, and a recording. It is best to have experienced hypnotherapy first so you are aware of what it entails. The three session package includes an initial chat and lovely hypnotherapy taster, plus two past life sessions.

Suggested prior reading – Dr Brian Weiss books, Many Lives, Many Masters and Only Love is Real. They are an easy and fascinating account of a traditional psychotherapist who was ‘bowled over’ by the power of healing which came from a spontaneous, then series of, past life regression sessions. He has gone on to become a leader in this field.