Mental golf with Shirley

July 8, 2010

Well, maybe it’s time to note my golf progress. Haphazard, is all I can say!

While I have been going to my nice ladies group lessons most every Thursday morning and playing the 3 par afterwards that has not been enough. I need to get out on the 18 holes and get the practice under my belt.  The others are doing this, they have their handicap cards, they are playing 2 and 3 times a week. To put it simply they are progressing and I am not. In fact I am still hitting lots of stupid shots, over analysing my swing and rushing into it in my normal get on and do it fashion.  How silly is that? But, I havent been able to stop it, which is worse for me, a hypnotherapist.

Golf has not been my priority this year, however, I am quite competitive and don’t like to be left behind. To sort this out  I have teamed up with another hypnotherapist, Shirley, who is much the same as me. We are going to help each other with our mental golf game and are including rounds of golf with no mental pressure at all. And I am talking no pressure, no worries about who is behind, in front, watching, criticising, or even thinking about talking to us. A calm game of focused golf is what we have in mind!

For our first basic exercise was one to stimulate positive thinking with our fantastic tapping technique EFT.  We started it on Monday and today, Thursday, I played so much better.

‘Even though I am stilll rubbish after all this time, I am open to change’

‘I now choose to hit the ball well and enjoy my golf”

‘I can can hit the ball straight and accurate, straight and accurate is good’

If you are a tapper and a golfer then follow along.  If you are a golfer but haven’t learned tapping,  it is time you did.  (I do phone and skype sessions for this)

Watch this space.