My golf, warts and all – The ladies captain

March 3, 2010

Well, I played my second ever 18 holes yesterday and do you think I can remember the golf course for next time? Well, no, and if you think I am sore today your are SO right!

Luckily the new ladies captain accompanied the two of us. Well, unluckily for her. She knew the all the ropes, I certainly didn’t. She had wipers and cloths to clean dirty balls, I didnt. She hit just about every shot really well, I certainly didn’t. She had a neat long contraption to find my balls in the water, I didnt. She had a driver, I didnt. She knew where we were supposed to be hitting, I didnt.

She had an automated buggy, we didnt. She was concerned about the people behind, I wasn’t, but was learning fast as she roared off up the hills, and we were left behind. I was buggered at the end, she wasn’t.

But it wasnt all bad. She was really helpful. She had her eye behind and infront and even to the side. She told me where to put my trolley so it wouldnt be in the way of those coming up behind. She found every ball hit. She even had time to chat to people on other fairways. She didnt say much when I found I had lost my score card, or had forgotten to bring my ball to the tee. She turned a blind eye to the balls I lost. She said ‘Well Done’ more times than were necessary and that was nice.

So thank you to the new lady captain for being so helpful. Maybe I’ll be like her one day!