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September 11, 2010

Well, if you signed up for my newsletter, or are a client of mine, you will have read all the things I have cooked up on becoming slimmer

  • How to beat chocolate addiction – hypnosis does it in one session
  • Alcohol and weight gain
  • Candida and weight gain
  • Binge eating and bulimia and hypnotherapy
  • What to do with your gym membership
  • How to believe you can lose weight
  • Ways to lose weight with hypnotherapy
  • A healthy lifestyle programme
  • The Hypno-Band
  • How audio recordings help embed the hypnotic work

Sign up on the website and I will send you a copy.  However, since you are here why not enjoy reading back over my blog. There are some worthwhile articles starting with one on the Hypno-Band right below.


Mental golf with Shirley

July 8, 2010

Well, maybe it’s time to note my golf progress. Haphazard, is all I can say!

While I have been going to my nice ladies group lessons most every Thursday morning and playing the 3 par afterwards that has not been enough. I need to get out on the 18 holes and get the practice under my belt.  The others are doing this, they have their handicap cards, they are playing 2 and 3 times a week. To put it simply they are progressing and I am not. In fact I am still hitting lots of stupid shots, over analysing my swing and rushing into it in my normal get on and do it fashion.  How silly is that? But, I havent been able to stop it, which is worse for me, a hypnotherapist.

Golf has not been my priority this year, however, I am quite competitive and don’t like to be left behind. To sort this out  I have teamed up with another hypnotherapist, Shirley, who is much the same as me. We are going to help each other with our mental golf game and are including rounds of golf with no mental pressure at all. And I am talking no pressure, no worries about who is behind, in front, watching, criticising, or even thinking about talking to us. A calm game of focused golf is what we have in mind!

For our first basic exercise was one to stimulate positive thinking with our fantastic tapping technique EFT.  We started it on Monday and today, Thursday, I played so much better.

‘Even though I am stilll rubbish after all this time, I am open to change’

‘I now choose to hit the ball well and enjoy my golf”

‘I can can hit the ball straight and accurate, straight and accurate is good’

If you are a tapper and a golfer then follow along.  If you are a golfer but haven’t learned tapping,  it is time you did.  (I do phone and skype sessions for this)

Watch this space.

Golf – fitting at Calloway today

May 5, 2010

Yes, you heard it right, I found myself at Calloway Golf in London at 8am for my special golf outfitting session, something I would never have imagined I would ever do, yet all brought about in the nicest way.

The outfitting shop at Calloway is set up with cameras and you hit at a soft wall screen.  Firstly you use your own No.6 club and your normal style is recorded.  Next your height is taken and the right shaft selected.  Different heads are screwed onto it and you hit some more  balls.

You watch the path of your ball, the height and the accuracy. The data of your entire shot is displayed on this screen,  from ball speed to carry length and many details in between.  It is so interesting and gives you a really clear view of your stroke.

Details between your own club and the new one are monitored looking for improvement, and it surely happens. The main reason is because they select and set it up right, and there is a massive sweet spot, and this selected  product is the best. (this is where you realise good equipment does help, and try to divorce yourself from the £’s)

Not only did we check irons but I trialled a hybrid and some woods.  The data  showed my present No 5 wood was more accurate than theirs and also that I am not ready for a driver yet.  My own No. 5 will do the job until I have had more lessons.

A very nice brochure was presented to me with all the details of my stroke and the recommendations from the morning.  This not only includes a full set of clubs but encompasses my idea of starting with a few and building up to a full set as I progress, and as I can afford.   There was no hard sell because they do not sell clubs at the head office.  It was suggested I go off and price these clubs to find the best deal.

All in all a really good morning and I would recommend anyone to go and do it prior to getting new clubs.

Martin Giblin of Travel Momentum improves his golf

April 29, 2010

Martin Giblin organises great  travel experiences for people wanting something special and bespoke.  A round the world trip, travel to a certain country with interesting and exciting things to do is exactly what I mean.  He also arranges corporate travel and events for companies wanting to reward employees, or do group bonding work.  He has many years of experience here and takes care of every detail making sure everyone enjoys themselves while away.  He is very organised and calm, with a lovely smile.  He just knows how to do his job well!

A few months ago Martin came to see me for some help with his golf.  He reports back here.

‘As a golfer, I am often plagued, during a game with a lack of confidence on certain shots.  Using Marilyns excellent techniques has helped me overcome these problems and to enjoy my golf even more. I am producing the best scores I have had in ages. As most golfers know the game is more in the mind than in the technique.’

Thank you, Martin.

My golf, warts and all – The ladies captain

March 3, 2010

Well, I played my second ever 18 holes yesterday and do you think I can remember the golf course for next time? Well, no, and if you think I am sore today your are SO right!

Luckily the new ladies captain accompanied the two of us. Well, unluckily for her. She knew the all the ropes, I certainly didn’t. She had wipers and cloths to clean dirty balls, I didnt. She hit just about every shot really well, I certainly didn’t. She had a neat long contraption to find my balls in the water, I didnt. She had a driver, I didnt. She knew where we were supposed to be hitting, I didnt.

She had an automated buggy, we didnt. She was concerned about the people behind, I wasn’t, but was learning fast as she roared off up the hills, and we were left behind. I was buggered at the end, she wasn’t.

But it wasnt all bad. She was really helpful. She had her eye behind and infront and even to the side. She told me where to put my trolley so it wouldnt be in the way of those coming up behind. She found every ball hit. She even had time to chat to people on other fairways. She didnt say much when I found I had lost my score card, or had forgotten to bring my ball to the tee. She turned a blind eye to the balls I lost. She said ‘Well Done’ more times than were necessary and that was nice.

So thank you to the new lady captain for being so helpful. Maybe I’ll be like her one day!

Frustrations on the golf course? Learn EFT

January 9, 2010

After watching that little video it is worth applying the EFT technique to something closer to home.

Frustrations are emotional. Something or someone bothers you, you get cross. You may blame your equipment, the weather, the course condition, the groundsman, your partner, often yourself. Perhaps you didnt consciously or intentionally play your bad shot but you let it rattle you.

Unfortunately when you get cross your emotions take over and build up, this part you are responsible for. Negative emotions cause a vicious circle and makes your game get worse, the worse it gets the more frustrated you get. Your score, and enjoyment of your day, suffer.

Time to learn EFT (emotional freedom technique)!

Working on the meridian system this tapping technique quickly releases the negative emotion and allows you to settle down and get on with playing the game. EFT is simple to do yet effective. It is a good way of putting a bad stroke behind you so you can play your next shot well.

Basically it involves tapping on a few meridian points and tuning into your problem, allowing its intensity to reduce to zero. Very satisfactory! A session of EFT accompanies my ‘Play better golf‘ mindset programme. It annuls past bad performances allowing you, the player, to focus on what counts.

If you have bigger issues, relationship, work, or others, then it works on those as well. Of course it is all dependent on having someone help you get started who is thoroughly trained and knows what they are doing. It is worthwhile doing.

New Years resolution – Golf improvement?

January 4, 2010

You want to play a better game of golf this year? …. I wonder what you need to do to improve?

If your technique needs looking at go for some lessons. But perhaps you want to work on the mental side of your game? Perhaps playing consistently to your handicap. Perhaps improving it? Well, why not. You can do it.

Of course, if it is winter where you are, maybe you are thinking you can’t do much? Wrong!

Golf mindset improvement sessions with me come with recordings. This means you can improve your golf all through the winter, as often as you want, relaxing back in your own home, rain, hail or shine!

The beauty is that I am available by phone as well, and even one session could really make a difference for you. Numerous people have done just that – had one session, and be so pleased with the results in their game, that that’s all they needed. Others have done my 6 session programme covering goals, hindrances, confidence, calmness, concentration and consistency. You should see their progress! (read down the blog further)

What a way to get an edge on the others by the next round and improve your handicap into the bargain!