Worrying about weight prior to Christmas?

December 16, 2012

Christmas time is party time there is no denying this. All the work parties, the catchup with friends dinner parties, the club parties, the pre-christmas parties, the post-christmas parties, New Years eve parties, and so it goes on.  Food and drink and drink and food and more of the images-32same, and so it goes on!

Now people who are worried about their weight do worry at this time of the year. They know that food and drink is about and it smells so good, it looks so good, and it tastes so good. How can they take care and not over do it?  Will they be miserable and stay at home?  Or will they got out  have fun, ignore the consequences, and go into repair damage afterwards in January?

Well, that’s their choice. Whatever happens Christmas time should be fun. The main fun about Christmas is catching up with friends and partying. That doesn’t have to mean lots of food and drink. Honestly, who wants to wake up the next day not remembering what happened and feeling ill and awful? Who wants to waste half a day in bed getting over it?  This should be a fun time. Go out and have fun. Don’t deny yourself food or drink but on the other hand just be aware of it, remember your limits, and don’t over do it.  This way you can enjoy everything and everybody, every time.

If you need any help call me. If you want to join my weight loss program in January please call me and book in – 07962 811907.

Additives in food – a bit of an eye opener!

June 30, 2012

This interesting and informative list of the top 10 nasty food additives arrived in my inbox this month. I put a link on my website and now want to save it somewhere. What better place than here.

Click further and become a bit more aware of what is good and what is not so you can make better food choices when you shop.

Weight loss – getting it right

February 15, 2012

Last month I mentioned how our life is like a road, we have to get on the right one or we end up someplace else.

For the likes of people who are carrying excess fat, unless they are doing something about it, they are on the road to Fatter and to More Miserable which lead to Diabetes, Heart disease, and to Illness.

This seems a bit defeatist but it is proven to them daily by the way they eat in secret, eat too much, and always go on diets. “Oh, that one worked, I lost 5 stone”, I hear people say when they come. But they have put it all back on, so how did it work? There must have been something wrong.

There is one consolation about diets, people at least get a taste of how good it feels to have energy, and a waist, and wear off-the-shelf clothes. They loved it but why did it all go back on? Did they not kick their bad eating habits?  Did they not continue exercising? Weren’t they strong enough to withstand a blip?

I have been dealing with weight issues for some years now, completely naturally. Half a stone a month is great to keep it off permanently, so for 5 stone that may well be almost a year. It is the first 3 months that counts. Once you get in the zone and put things in perspective it all becomes second nature. Using hypnotherapy and EFT (emotional freedom technique) I start people thinking positively, we look at what they eat, when, and why. After a couple of consultations they say things like ‘I wasn’t even thinking about it and I left food on my plate’ or ‘It was bizzare, I only ate one!’

For weight loss you have to deal with the triggers that make you eat. Perhaps it is loneliness, difficult kids, the inability to cope, lack of confidence, a void, or something from the past that is hidden deep and the fat is protecting it so wont go away. These have to be dealt with. Diets don’t address these issues. And, it is no use thinking no one understands you. When people come I make it my business to.

Of course, to lose weight you need to have a positive attitude, awareness of what and how much is going in your mouth, and also some exercise to tone the muscles to take up the slack when the fat leaves. This is all part of my job.

If you are obese get a thorough medical check, and include thyroid, candida, and, in women, fibroids.  I am sure your doctor will think of other things too, and call me for a chat.