Golf – fitting at Calloway today

May 5, 2010

Yes, you heard it right, I found myself at Calloway Golf in London at 8am for my special golf outfitting session, something I would never have imagined I would ever do, yet all brought about in the nicest way.

The outfitting shop at Calloway is set up with cameras and you hit at a soft wall screen.  Firstly you use your own No.6 club and your normal style is recorded.  Next your height is taken and the right shaft selected.  Different heads are screwed onto it and you hit some more  balls.

You watch the path of your ball, the height and the accuracy. The data of your entire shot is displayed on this screen,  from ball speed to carry length and many details in between.  It is so interesting and gives you a really clear view of your stroke.

Details between your own club and the new one are monitored looking for improvement, and it surely happens. The main reason is because they select and set it up right, and there is a massive sweet spot, and this selected  product is the best. (this is where you realise good equipment does help, and try to divorce yourself from the £’s)

Not only did we check irons but I trialled a hybrid and some woods.  The data  showed my present No 5 wood was more accurate than theirs and also that I am not ready for a driver yet.  My own No. 5 will do the job until I have had more lessons.

A very nice brochure was presented to me with all the details of my stroke and the recommendations from the morning.  This not only includes a full set of clubs but encompasses my idea of starting with a few and building up to a full set as I progress, and as I can afford.   There was no hard sell because they do not sell clubs at the head office.  It was suggested I go off and price these clubs to find the best deal.

All in all a really good morning and I would recommend anyone to go and do it prior to getting new clubs.