Stopping smoking

January 19, 2011

This is for those of you who smoke and have talked about giving up.

In past articles I have talked about removing blocks that maybe holding you back, blocks that are stopping you putting your foot down and enjoying life. These blocks could be things like anxiety, emotional hang ups, all sorts of worries, weight, health and habit issues.

Now, whether you consider cigarettes and smoking fall into this category in your own life, it doesn’t really matter, but smoking has certainly settled inside you permanently. It has indeed become a habit and is constantly there reminding you that you need to light up at various times throughout the day. That you need to go out the door, need to hover in a corner from the rain, need to walk away from a good conversation, that you need to light up and take time out. I am sure I don’t need to tell you this.

If you think about it smoking has actually become a huge part of your life – your day revolves around where you can smoke and where you can’t, how many you have left, when you need a smoke, and why you need to smoke. You know you use it to calm down, to get away from difficult situations, to think, to clear the air, to relax, to accompany a drink, and so on.

You also know that if you haven’t talked about giving up at some stage then someone close to you probably keeps reminding you that you should. This, of course, makes you dig your toes in. No one likes being told they should do something.

I should point out here that nicotine is one of the most poisonous substances known to man. The nicotine extracted from one cigarette and injected directly into the vein will kill in seconds. It is enough to kill a horse. Yet, nicotine is just one of the many toxic substances, including arsenic, cynanide, carbon monoxide, and prussic acid, in a cigarette.

Believe it or not a smokers body is in constant stress. It is continually trying to fight off these substances and it is continually being fed them. It gets no time to relax. Nicotine is a vaso constrictor, arteries narrow and the heart has to work much harder to push the blood around, getting vital oxygen to every organ, while rubbish in the lungs reduces their capacity to produce the oxygen. Resistance to infections, viruses and cancers is impaired due to the immune system being otherwise occupied. Reproductive potency is detrimentally affected…. And so it goes on.

Every cigarette that you smoke will rob you of six minutes of life expectancy.  If you smoke 20 a day that’s 2 hours, 30 days a year, plus £2000 up in smoke!

The comforting thought is that you were born a non smoker and you have the blueprint within you somewhere that can be reactivated. There is hope. Certainly hypnotherapy has helped many I’ve seen.