Record year of motivating posts

January 6, 2013

This is my 120th post in 4 years. 32 in 2009,  32 in 2010, 18 in 2011, and 38 in 2012. I should be getting better at them, shouldn’t I?

New year’s resolutions: weight loss is the celebrity!

January 6, 2013

Yes, weight loss has surely topped the list of New Year’s resolutions yet again!  And, coming in at No.2 is ‘To stay fit and healthy’. It is true that there are many, many of us who are not that happy with the way we look and feel. There is room for improvement.

Now, of all those who decide to do something about getting in shape 30% will lose their motivation in the first two weeks, 46% will make it to the 6 month mark in June, and only 12% will achieve their goal. Please make sure you are in that 12%.

Please spend your money wisely. In short do not diet, do not take to shakes or do anything rash. All you need to do is cut back on the rubbish food you eat and drink, cut back totally on sugar, eat portions of food to reflect the amount of exercise you are doing and get out and walk. This will get your metabolism stimulated, get your food assimilated properly and start the process of turning fat into muscle.

While you can do this yourself quite simply and it will make a huge difference, in many cases there are other reasons for weight gain. Understanding these reasons will be a topic for my next blog.

Christmas thoughts

December 29, 2012

It was another quiet Christmas for us.

IMG_0510Our kids live the other side of the world so we Skype on Christmas eve for their Christmas morning present unwrapping. Looking back my grandparents lived in the UK and living in NZ I only got to see one lot twice in my entire life, and the other lot never. We used to write letters and get little exciting, often homemade, parcels for Christmas which had probably been posted months prior to come by sea.

Now, here we are living in the UK and our grandkids are in NZ and AUS. We chat and skype often and it doesn’t cost a penny. I can post light parcels and they get them in 10 days, I can buy online and they get them delivered free and I can even send them money without posting it. If I want something very specific I can ring the shop there, pay online and get them to collect it.

Because we are only 2 for Christmas we sleep in and then organise our christmas meal to last throughout the day. We don’t have to rush. A glass of wine and a small entree around 11.30am, a couple of hours later a roast meal and then desert/pudding in the evening. A bit of tele, a walk, and some chattering in-between. We don’t need to go overboard with food because we are not used to it and we wouldn’t sleep any good afterwards.

However saying all that I still have a fairly full fridge now and it’s Saturday. There’s left over NZ Christmas lamb, yummy christmas cake, still fresh fruit for fruit salad, there’s some cream, a dip and some fancy cheese. There’s even a little bit of homemade chocolate rocky road left, and some pringles in the cupboard. We’ll have a nice weekend!

I hope we will be with our kids for Christmas next year.

December 20, 2012

Well, here you go… eat and run it off or cut back and sit about. Your choice 🙂

Thinking of Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast

December 17, 2012

When we start to get cold and damp and wet and the days get shorter and shorter here in the UK I start to think of warmer places like Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.  Queenslanders will be in the heat of summer getting about in their sunnies, shorts and tee shirts, skimpy summer dresses and their togs (thats Kiwi for swimmers, or bathing costumes if you want to be very pom)

images-35At this time of the year I remember, (yes, I can’t go without saying this which rather dates me) I remember getting up in the weekend mornings, scrambling into my bikini and having a dip in the pool in the garden before getting breakfast going. What a great way to wake up and shower! The warmth dried me and I spent the rest of the weekend similarly attired just putting on a pair thongs, (flipflops to you here) and some shorts to go shopping.

I remember, too, on weekdays walking to, and along, the beach, finishing off with a quick swim, and walking home before changing and driving to work. How nice is that!  Oh, for some Queensland sunshine and sea!

Actually, I will be thinking of Brisbane and the Sunshine coast more after the build up to Christmas because Christmas is very much an English thing and I enjoy that here.  More on that in another blog. Needless to say that even after 10 years away I miss the warmth of the Sunshine Coast,  and to be specific Mooloolaba and Nambour.

Great news on weight loss!

December 9, 2012

My extremely supportive weight loss program started in September. After three months those first people are now finishing and the results are really lovely.

Everyone who comes to me for weight loss has been conscious of their figure all their life and tried just about every diet imaginable. They say ‘You are my last resort. If this doesn’t work I don’t know what I’ll do’  This is pretty scary stuff, but what a challenge!

During this time we have learned many things.

  • That food shouldn’t be the total focus of weight loss. A many pronged approach is mandatory.
  • That weight gain is not necessarily genetic.
  • That there is always something blocking weight loss when diets haven’t worked, and no ordinary diet program looks at this.
  • That a blockage may even be something that someone said years ago that, ‘just stuck’ like;  ‘You look just like your mother’, or  ‘You’ll get sick if you are too thin’ or ‘ You’ll never change’.Things that hit a spot and keep subliminally repeating throughout your life.
  • Often blockages are something that happened that someone has never ever told anyone, they have been too ashamed to. These need to be gently and safely cleared and this doesn’t take long, perhaps only 20 minutes, and what a relief!
  • That weight loss happens in it’s own time. A mindset change has to happen first.
  • That having a wonderful figure isn’t the most important thing in this world. It’s the way you feel about yourself that matters.
  • That eating is just eating. You need to eat to survive. Your thoughts do not need to be constantly on the subject of food.

I could go on and on. Suffice to say that diets don’t work for many, many reasons and every single person is different. Finding what works for you is the key. It is an unravelling process but the results can be amazing and life changing. If you want to lose weight you need to find someone professional who is prepared to work with you on this and my program is really proving itself now.

Do you stress or worry?

December 9, 2012

A good 80% of the hundreds of people I see annually would have anxiety related symptoms: from bed wetters as young as 5 to older people worrying. Yet, I only see the tip of a huge iceberg.

So much day-to-day stuff upsets people: lack of confidence, being watched; presentations, work situations, redundancy and money issues; panic and phobias; coping with kids and relationships; school issues, exams and driving tests; toilet issues, medical treatment, pain; getting pregnant, weight gain; even deep trauma from years ago; and many more.

If you suffer worry or anxiety issues they can be changed. Remember that the more you repeat them the more ingrained they become and after a while you may give up trying and start thinking that this is just the way you are. But it isn’t!  You can change, you can get out of that spiraling loop. There is absolutely no point going through your life repeating the same negative behavior time after time. Get help from someone that knows what to do. Get help and deal with it! You will feel so different after.

Calmness is what we aim for and here are a few steps to help you now.

  1. BREATHE.  This is easy. You are continually breathing, so just take a deeper breath, hold it for a second and then let it go slowly. Anxiety involves shallow breathing, the lungs don’t get the oxygen they need, so more quick breaths are needed. Stopping for a slightly deeper breath strengthens you, the oxygen goes deep inside, you focus on your breathing and it breaks the fear cycle. Practice breathing properly.
  2. THINK. If you are concerned about anything THINK before you engage your mouth. What comes out in a heated moment is something you can never take back. Many people have said or done something they regret. (If something like this has happened to you already then something can be done. It is no use carrying the scar around to remind you forever.)
  3. ACT.  After breathing to calm yourself down, and thinking about what you are about to say, then ACT in a responsible way. See the situation for what it is and take control of yourself. Cut the worry, cut the small talk, let go of the negative thoughts, and respond in the right way for the situation.  It may just need a smile, it may be you walk away from it and let others manage, or it may be you carry on with something else. Whatever you choose will be better than what you previously did.

There are lots of ways you can be helped. After a first session you will notice the difference in some way, after a month it will be much better and after 3 months you will have almost forgotten about it.

New blog – Marilyn’s motivating marathon mindsets

December 9, 2012

runningfeetYes, I decided to start another blog and why not?  Since its the start of the London Marathon training season there must be thousands of people out there looking for help and ideas to train and maybe I can help. Well, I know I can.

Over 90% of your sports success comes from having the right mindset. So, if you are a runner it is time to make sure you get it right. Shoot on over to the blog here

Marathon information evening

December 9, 2012

Last Tuesday the Complete Health & Wellbeing team put on a marathon information evening for the members of The Citypoint Club, Moorgate. It was great to be included in the speaker line up. I do enjoy motivating sports people to action.

We had a great turnout of 60 people. Some were marathon newbies, while some others had run 10 marathons already. All were delighted with the content. There was a section on preventing injury from Chris Myers, of Complete Physio, with the correct exercises to warm up and warm down. Ben Leach, of Super Training, explained a running plan and nutrition, and Shaun Dixon, of Let’s Get Running, explained most interestingly how you need to video yourself running to get your stride right. I came on at the end to talk about a motivated mindset to train and finish.

images-11An important part of a marathon mindset is to get training now and continue positively. The guys were saying you should clock up about 500 miles in your training so you need a couple of pairs of trainers and mix them about so you do not run out of tread at the last minute.

To help all attendees I had prepared some free mp3 downloads for them to mix in with their training music. These are little positive mindsets lasting just 17 seconds which are mixed between your tracks so they work subliminally to put you in a good frame of mind and keep you focused and calm, despite the time of day, the weather, and anything else that gets in the way when you are training for a marathon.

Find the free downloads and more info on my website here on the marathon running page.

Fitness & weight loss programs: Do you sabotage your success?

November 7, 2012

It is now is the time to face a cold hard fact.

For everyone who starts any program or class there are those that don’t make the progress that others do. We know that everyone is different but what actually does make the winners succeed and stay on track? And, what is it that makes others fail, wander off onto other tracks, get lost, and never succeed.

Perhaps we can liken it to the Olympic athletes. What makes those who get selected better than those who don’t?  In most cases the answer is attitude; attitude to stay focused and to train despite all the things that could side-track them. It is difficult but they do it, and those that do it best get the medals.

So, I am going to ask you two easy questions about your attitude:

1. How much do you WANT to be slimmer or fitter, or whatever? If you want to you will be researching, finding the best way for you, putting it in place and doing it.

2. How much do you BELIEVE you can?  Now, this is a completely different question. This is a bit scary for those who have been on diets for years, and are now back to square one; scary too, for those who are still paying for an unused gym membership, or who ‘gave up’ last time. There can be a lot of doubt, such as, ‘What if I fail again?’

When we have doubt in our minds we make excuses, we try to avoid the situation, or blame other things if we fail; ‘They don’t do that class now’, ‘I am too busy’, ‘She cooked it so I couldn’t say no’. There are so many excuses people use to justify why they haven’t done something. In many cases they are in a repeat mental program that started years ago. Unconsciously they are sabotaging their own progress.

So, today I am suggesting that you get your priorities right. Improved fitness and health will make a huge difference to you, your work and your relationships with others. You deserve that! Use your drive and determination to be a winner.

And, if anyone even thinks of excuses, or finds themselves side-tracked, recognise it as a ‘self sabotaging belief blockage’ and deal with it now. I am very good at finding why unconscious blockages happen and freeing them.

If this rings true to you then it’s ok to contact me  for a confidential chat, in fact please do.