Well, here is 2013! Let’s get on track for success.

January 2, 2013

Our life is like a road. Think of it as a motorway with lots of side roads. Sometimes everything is going well and we are moving fast in the right direction. However, sometimes we get side tracked and end up on another road, and other times it seems like we are way off course, have hit a bumpy road, or even a road block

So, thinking of 2012, were you on a motorway? Was your journey planned or did it seem like a pretty aimless year?  For instance if you had plotted it into your Sat Nav are you in a better place now than where you were last January?

Let’s make 2013 even better. There will be many journeys this year and wouldn’t it be great if each one were taking you someplace exciting. Are you ready to put your foot to the floor for some adventure? And, thinking of yourself as that vehicle; are you a sleek racing car; or an older model with some rust, some dints, very little power, and perhaps no spare in the boot; or maybe you are a younger model that’s been a bit thrashed with the wrong fuel and little attention?

images-27It’s not much use expecting a great road ahead if the car hasn’t the power and resources to travel it!  Not forgetting that while a car can be easily replaced, your body can’t. You are stuck with it for your entire life.

You can, however, get it fixed.

Maybe you haven’t been firing on all cylinders and an energy tune up would help. That will make a huge difference immediately. Then you can learn to recharge your batteries with decent sleep. Things holding you back like smoking, frustration, stress, pain, guilt and anger can be found and freed. Fear, insecurity, anxiety and worries can be flushed away. Overweight, lethargy, lack of confidence, even depression, can also be cleared.

Let’s get rid of the blockages, the potholes and obstacles in the way. Let’s open and smooth your road ahead, let it become clearer, far easier to travel. Be open to new opportunities along the way. Success is within us all.

images-26Make 2013 a far better year, perhaps a brilliant year, starting with a decent ‘tune up’, an MOT, and then some help to programme your mind and body for success. Get yourself on the right road, then put your foot down, enjoy the scenery, and feel the wind through your hair.

Gentle, supportive, assistance to deal with all New Years Resolutions so you are free to have an amazing year.  In person or on Skype.

Marathon information evening

December 9, 2012

Last Tuesday the Complete Health & Wellbeing team put on a marathon information evening for the members of The Citypoint Club, Moorgate. It was great to be included in the speaker line up. I do enjoy motivating sports people to action.

We had a great turnout of 60 people. Some were marathon newbies, while some others had run 10 marathons already. All were delighted with the content. There was a section on preventing injury from Chris Myers, of Complete Physio, with the correct exercises to warm up and warm down. Ben Leach, of Super Training, explained a running plan and nutrition, and Shaun Dixon, of Let’s Get Running, explained most interestingly how you need to video yourself running to get your stride right. I came on at the end to talk about a motivated mindset to train and finish.

images-11An important part of a marathon mindset is to get training now and continue positively. The guys were saying you should clock up about 500 miles in your training so you need a couple of pairs of trainers and mix them about so you do not run out of tread at the last minute.

To help all attendees I had prepared some free mp3 downloads for them to mix in with their training music. These are little positive mindsets lasting just 17 seconds which are mixed between your tracks so they work subliminally to put you in a good frame of mind and keep you focused and calm, despite the time of day, the weather, and anything else that gets in the way when you are training for a marathon.

Find the free downloads and more info on my website here on the marathon running page.

Various and more horse riding

September 3, 2011

The fun in my work is the variety. People come for all sorts of things: snoring, teeth grinding, and sleeping; flying, needles, thunder and claustro phobias; finding, mending and improving relationships; and, as I have mentioned before, emotional stressy stuff that brings on anxiety, anger, sadness, comfort eating, drinking and smoking. Often entwined these can be unpicked and leave a person really pleasantly changed within a few weeks, or a few months. The trick is motivation, want to do it, ask for help, and then let it happen.

I love working with sports and creative people; too, they so know what they want to improve.  Whether it be a better lap time, a more consistent round of golf, a new technique, dealing with self-consciousness during a performance, a higher note sung, focus to finish a book… there is so much fun in helping them achieve.

Talking about horse riding today. I admire people with horses, they have the tenacity and figures to prove their daily commitment and responsibility. However, I do have riders come who have lost confidence, are scared, anxious and not riding. They are thinking about having to sell their horse, and yet they really want to ride.

Jo was one such person. Her lovely, patient, horse was spooked one day, and took off. She couldn’t stop him. It was really frightening, she very nearly fell off. After that she was fearful about riding him out on her own. That was three months ago. As well as acute anxiety she also felt guilt and anger that she hadn’t controlled him.

Someone at the stable had been to see me about her fear of cantering and was really appreciative of the results. She and Jo talked and Jo gave me a call.

I always take the time to get the full picture. Jo was all tense. We needed to release some negative tension and started the process with some tapping on her energy lines. EFT (emotional Freedom Technique) works a treat for emotional release. She came back for her second session and reported how much calmer she had been, including a riding lesson that went really well, some unusually calm behaviour at home and at work. She was feeling pretty pleased with herself already.

In her second session we dealt with the horse incident and this brought up another anxiety issue from way back. She felt the release and it felt good. She once again left smiling. I was proud of her, she was ready for this. Hypnotherapy followed a week later and she was able to go riding afterwards on her own and even had an exhillerating canter!

Our next goal is to deal with her fear of riding without stirrups.

I have no doubt that her new confidence will ensure she enjoys riding, and over time various other things she hadn’t even anticipated will improve too. This is such positive work!

I guess there may be someone else out there who feels like Jo and may like to deal with it like she did. Just phone, we can do it together.