Past Life Regression

November 9, 2010

Have you ever considered past life regression?

One can go back in time (regression), or go forward in time (progression), in hypnotherapy.  A therapist may chose one of these in order to fully treat a symptom.

Past life regression may be chosen because a person is curious, maybe they have had a deja-vu experience, or something unusual fascinates them and they do not know why.  Maybe a therapist might suggest this therapy in order to explore an addiction, fear, or behaviour, that seems to make no positive progress with normal treatment.

Travelling back in time can be very enlightening. People can become involved in life in another century describing it in great detail, and with such feeling, that they could never have imagined it. Insight can be gained that will help with understanding and healing now. ‘Fascinating’ and ‘Amazing’ are some of the words people use to describe their experience afterwards. All want more!

An hour and a half past life regression session includes an comfortable introduction, the safe hypnotherapy, a debrief discussion, and a recording. It is best to have experienced hypnotherapy first so you are aware of what it entails. The three session package includes an initial chat and lovely hypnotherapy taster, plus two past life sessions.

Suggested prior reading – Dr Brian Weiss books, Many Lives, Many Masters and Only Love is Real. They are an easy and fascinating account of a traditional psychotherapist who was ‘bowled over’ by the power of healing which came from a spontaneous, then series of, past life regression sessions. He has gone on to become a leader in this field.