Get losing weight now!

January 6, 2013

WL ontrack revWhat about weight loss with absolute caring, personal help for 3 months?

My Bolt to Success program ensures the rubbish foods/drinks are kicked out, that you have no desire for sweet and fattening food, that you eat the size portions you need and actually leave food on your plate if there is too much. It also delves into the whys and wherefores of your eating nipping the triggers in the bud.  More about those in another blog. The important thing is to get started now while you are thinking about it.

  1. Ring for free 20 min phone/skype chat – to work out what you want to achieve and how to do it.  Contact me here
  2. Book your first consultation – it will be in person, or on Skype.
  3. Pay and get the online program – you will get the link and be able to start immediately even before your first consultation.
  4. Start learning all sorts of wonderful things: enjoy the completely different weight loss process of consultations, audios and videos.
  5. Notice the difference to your thoughts, attitude to food and the way you feel and look. It is a great feeling!

Start here!

Sleep issues

September 17, 2012

Here’s a Telegraph article about sleep I thought you may be interested to read. Many people have trouble sleeping, this shines some light on it. However, it doesn’t mention any remedies. Valerian is natural and helps settle and calm, similarly my audios are extremely relaxing to sleep, I even use them myself when I need. It sounds strange to listen to yourself to get off to sleep but it actually works.

6 easy ways to get slimmer and fitter for free

September 12, 2012

Weren’t the Olympics amazing?  and the Paralympics were an eye opener. What challenges these people had to get over to attend the Games and what achievements they had.

I suspect they may have spurred you on to look a bit closer at your own waistline and fitness levels

So what can YOU do about getting slimmer and fitter?

1. Walking or cycling is easy enough. It is pleasant to get out in the fresh air and good for your muscle tone and health. If you exercise for half an hour 4 times every week in six months you will have made a huge difference to your body shape and mind clarity.

2. Drink water often. It is free, and if you put a slice of lemon, lime or orange in it you will enjoy the taste and help your digestion.

3. Cut back, or eliminate all fizzy drinks. The sugar in them is seriously and frighteningly fattening.

4. Eat only what you need. Many people eat way too much ‘rubbish’ food. Say, “No thank you, I don’t need that,” more often. It is surprisingly easy to say No, and surprisingly liberating.

5. Say “Yes,” more often. Say “Yes” to fruit, veges and salads. Say “Yes” to having a buddy to do all this with. Know that yes is an easy word to say when you think of your health and fitness. Say “Yes, I can do this!”.

6. Be more aware of your conversations. No-one else wants to hear your excuses. If you want to be slimmer and fitter then do it. Show others you are capable of it. Actions do speak louder than words, and best of all, you benefit. Yes!

Put these 6 easy steps into place and you will not only slim down and feel more energized but you will also save money.

Now, if you have a problem with motivation there may well be a blockage or two preventing your progress. It is quite likely that these have unconsciously stopped, or sidetracked, you in the past. Maybe a helpful coach with good ideas and techniques to clear these would spur you on?

My fully supportive 3 month ‘Bolt to success’ weight loss program recognizes that people want real help to succeed. It includes: 5 hours of very personal appointments; my 5 successful hypnotic healthy mindset audios; clear energizing meridian ‘tapping’ videos; helpful tips and techniques, all wrapped up into a constructive, caring package with unlimited support. There’s even a free phone consultation so that when you start we have covered the basics and can move on immediately the first session begins.

This is a motivational mindset change and it works. Like Miranda you could be 2 months on and 2 stone gone.

Bolt-To-Success weight loss program

September 8, 2012

Just got to tell you about my new 3 month long, very supportive, Bolt-To-Success weight loss program. This is the program you do when you are fed up with diets, calorie counting, shakes, special foods and boot camps. If you have lost weight and put it back on numerous times and are still overweight this is for you. If you can’t be bothered with diets this is for you. It is fun and different!  People report how easy it is and how much happier they are.

There are 5 really supportive face to face or skype consultations, clear online modules including my 5 on-track hypnosis audios, EFT videos, and a journal. And there’s caring responsive email support. This covers anyone world wide.

If you want to lose weight you will find this is different from anything you would have done in the past and you will find it fun and satisfying. You can read more here, email to book a free 30 minute phone/skype consultation to find out if this might suit you.

Update on hypnosis weight loss audios

July 18, 2012

Well, Miranda has lost a stone (14lbs) in the three weeks she has been listening. She told me that after listening to just two of the audios they have completely changed the way she eats and feels about food. L reported a natural increase in her exercising and gave a typical example of her new eating habits. Last week she wasn’t even interested in the doughnuts someone brought in at work whereas she would have had one or two previously. It was easy, she just didn’t have one, and she was ok with that.  A. says she is sleeping better, has cut back portion sizes hugely and absolutely believes she can do this. These girls have a lot to lose and I am right there for them.

Remember these hypnosis mp3’s have been on sale for barely four weeks, there are lots gone  and these are just a sample of the comments from people I have seen.

Some people are listening to each one for 2 weeks as they have the time and are really committed. Some are listening for the allocated one week each. Whatever, these audios will do their job. all you need to do is listen. If you want to know more look here.

Do you know someone who snores?

May 11, 2012

Are you kept awake with this snorting and noise? Are you having to shove that person over through the night? or, are you listen

hypnosis mp3 to stop snoring

Stop snoring with this hypnosis audio

ing from a distance and wishing they would deal with it? Are you embarrassed about having visitors in the house, or going away on holiday with your snorer?

Well, I have news for you. The new stop snoring audio is now available. Click the photo for more.

It is in both mp3 and CD. You suggest your snorer needs help, you tell them it is simple. They listen in bed, when they are ready to go to sleep, straight from an ipod or listening device of some kind. All they have to do is put the headphones in and listen. At the end they discard the headphones, roll over and go to sleep. Simple!  They are in bed anyway so it’s easy. They have nothing to lose except the sound, and much to gain with a happy, rested, household. You will get your sleep.

Snoring is caused by fatty tissue slightly obstructing the passage of air through the throat. This pleasant hypnotic audio works to tighten the muscles around that area, and also brings awareness of when snoring starts so they can turn themselves over and sleep quietly on. Listening details are included.

We know that snoring is more common in those carrying extra weight or after a night out drinking. However, in some cases the fatty tissue is so pronounced that the air is blocked and every so often the breathing stops. This is called sleep apnea and should be discussed straight away with your Doctor.

Weight loss – new audios coming

February 21, 2012

Well, this is week 5 of my new hypnosis weight loss audio trials – they are in mp3 format at present but will be available as both mp3 and CD when finalised. The feedback I am getting shows definite benefits, as I would expect. (It is not as if I haven’t seen hundreds of people of all shapes and sizes wanting to lose weight ranging from a few pounds to 9 and 10 stone)

I was going to feature these here on my blog weekly, to show progress, but hey, it takes some time to do this and when I am seeing loads of clients and spending all my spare weekends planning, recording and editing an audio for delivery every Tuesday, there isn’t really enough time.  So, I have decided to do quick short and sweet updates, such as this. Do you like my little picture here?  It is often so true.

Featuring my hypnotherapy MP3/CD for confidence

December 8, 2011

Self esteem, confidence and more in a treasure box


Treasure box is one in the confidence series. This series picks up on all the good things I use to get people into a better place. Confidence in one’s own ability plays a huge part in achieving success.

The Treasure Box is for everyone. When you find your Treasure box it is filled with all sorts of things you may have used successfully in the past, and new and wonderful things to move you forward. Each time you listen you will find what you need. All it takes is a quiet spot, 23 minutes, and a desire to be better. This is perfect for all ages and a good gift.

Full details and a short listen can be found…right here.

Special time

November 14, 2011

Every now and again one experiences really special times with someone they love. This is one of those times. Our daughter is visiting for 2 weeks. Maree lives on a beautiful island in the north of New Zealand and has come on her own leaving her hubby to manage the three children. What a treat for us all and, well, a bit of a handful for him!

… and where would we be without wonderful Skype?  She planned her trip with us and has skyped them daily. It’s so spontaneous!

When I think of how I grew up in New Zealand, and my grandparents were living in the UK . I only ever saw them on two occasions. Once they visited us and another time we came over by sea, 6 weeks on a ship to get here via the Suez Canal, 6 weeks here and 4 weeks back through the Panama canal. It was a big round the world trip for a young school girl and I had to do my studies as I went. (not that successfully as there was so much else going on) That was some years ago I might add. 1958. It was far too expensive to fly.

Maree’s flight was 27 hours with 4 hours in Bangkok. She took a week to get into our sleeping pattern and will be soon gone.

She will be testing out my sleeping mp3’s on the return journey. Hopefully she will sleep a whole heap better on the flight and be back into a routine much more quickly on her return. I am interested if the hypnosis audios can fix jet lag and wish I had thought about it before she left! Other people have already used them (the mp3’s) to great advantage on plane trips.

The wave of relaxation and Powering down are perfect soothers to help sleep.

New and improved website live

September 21, 2011

Well, after months of work the improved and new website is up and running!  It has a completely new backend, Mat started from scratch building it with all the mod cons. We moved lots over to it and added loads more pages, I think there are more than 250 all up!  Yes, its pretty large but you don’t notice it from the front.

Some of the noticeable new improvements are the photos in the A-Z symptoms; a hugely improved and styled testimonial area with photos; new pages for pregnancy and birth, children, tinnitus, money worries, and past life regression and we have separated anxiety and worry. Theres new photos and updates all over!

The biggest new feature is the online shopping. I have been working on new hypnosis recordings to sell online. These are professionally put together with music and are in mp3 and CD format, very reasonably priced. The original idea was to put out a short mp3 that someone can listen to on the way to work to set themself up for the day. These form the confidence series. There’s a healing series and a sleep series, too, nine 22-23 minute audios in total so far. I keep having ideas for what the next ones will be and so there will be more series and more recordings in each. Watch this space!

So, do check out the website. Sign up for my newsletter and listen to a few audio tasters, too.