Weight loss at The Wyndham Centre, Baldock

June 27, 2012

Every now and then I like to promote local Hertfordshire businesses because I know the owners well and can recommend them with absolute confidence. The Wyndham Centre for healing is one of these.

Alison Wyndham set up this safe place 30 years ago with a variety of practicing therapists. As well as being a physiotherapist herself she helps people discover if they have food intolerances, or allergies, and sets an individual programme for them to overcome these. Often people with IBS and weight loss problems have intolerances and can make a good recovery when they are treated.

An addition to Alison’s repertoire is her Alternative Weight Loss Programme which looks at, and tests, specific digestive problems relating to bloating, and blockages to weight loss. And, she has added a new product to her range – the herbal based body slimming wrap.  I am told that it detoxifies, tightens, tones and firms where it is applied to the skin.  It minimises the unsightly appearance of cellulite and skin slackening. She says the results can be dramatic. Sounds so good I think I will try it out!

Check out the Wyndham Centre weight loss programme here  and her Get rid of cellulite wrap here 

My new hypnotic audios will work so well with this programme and together they will help people who want to lose weight, lose weight.
Check out my new hypnosis weight loss audio programme here

Plumber and Tiler, painter and decorator

March 24, 2011

And continuing helping you to find trusted quality workmanship when you are wanting to repair your home.  A plumber plus a tiler, painter and decorator. These well trained experienced people give very professional, helpful service in the Hertfordshire area. Both are based in St Albans.

Richard Gilbert, of Stileistics, specialises in tiling and has years of experience plus all the tools to cut, lay, move, and repair tiles, as well as replace grouting. He works with all the different types of tile, slate, marble etc, spending the time to do the job properly. Richard is meticulous and also paints and decorates so can do a great job of the entire home.

Trevor Burdett plumbing and heating service will plumb any household job including emergency repairs. As a great diagnostic plumber he has learned to work efficently and quickly with all the correct tools and equipment at the ready, saving forays to shops at the customers expense. He will happily plumb bathrooms, toilets and kitchens, and  does all types of heating, with it all cleaned up nicely afterwards, too.

These people are good friends, do contact me for details.

Architect and bespoke furniture

March 19, 2011

I must continue updating on good people I know  in business, those friends of mine who come well recommended. Today two particularly artistic and creative people to help you in your house.

Paul Davidson runs UCHI Architecture which is based in Harpenden and Saffron Walden. I am amazed at all the beautiful buildings and houses Paul has created.  His portfolio is extensive and he is particularly skilled when it comes to improving listed buildings, yet equally enjoys new builds and renovations of existing buildings. UCHI has the experience and creativity to really produce what the owner or developer want to build.  www.uchiarchitecture.com ph. 07734 334924

Phil Harding is a bespoke contemporary furniture maker. So bespoke that he just makes everything fit exactly where you want it to, strange tight places or corners in your house, or building, and with illusions so the piece enhances the space and seems a part of it. http://www.phdesignandcraft.com  ph 07793 435310

He has a special aptitude for seeing and creating that few people have and this is why he has been invited to exhibit in new designers exhibitions in London and New York. His unique talent inspired a design which captures the sound of a persons voice. It’s like DNA, a wonderful shape, made of perspex, or glass, which captures light and reflects it so beautifully. This depiction of the sound of your own voice can be a set piece, incorporated into a coffee table, or a chandelair. It is a real talking point.

Acupuncture at Well In Health with Les Huyton

May 24, 2010

Les Huyton is another good friend to do business with. His business is based on his years of acupuncture study and experience. The practice is at the Welltech Centre in Welwyn Garden City.

Les has some very effective methods of reducing pain substantially, both with acupuncture and a special electromagnetic machine which helps cells repair at the core.  His assessment techniques are very thorough so that he can give accurate treatment.  So anyone with back pain, sports injuries, aches, joint pain, broken bones, surface or deep pain should ring him for an assessment and chat.

And a footnote on hayfever here – Les specialises in sorting this condition out very successfully.   See more at  www.wellinhealth.co.uk

Easter chocolates

May 1, 2010

It’s a bit late to talk about Easter but nevertheless we decided on these cute ducks  rather than the normal easter eggs.

Lessiter Chocolate Factory is in Knebworth.

I do miss the marshmallow easter eggs we got in NZ when we were kids.  Mind you the chocolate here in Europe is so much nicer than the basic stuff we got over there.

Queensland easter eggs are made of sugar because chocolate just melts in the heat.

Martin Giblin of Travel Momentum improves his golf

April 29, 2010

Martin Giblin organises great  travel experiences for people wanting something special and bespoke.  A round the world trip, travel to a certain country with interesting and exciting things to do is exactly what I mean.  He also arranges corporate travel and events for companies wanting to reward employees, or do group bonding work.  He has many years of experience here and takes care of every detail making sure everyone enjoys themselves while away.  He is very organised and calm, with a lovely smile.  He just knows how to do his job well!

A few months ago Martin came to see me for some help with his golf.  He reports back here.

‘As a golfer, I am often plagued, during a game with a lack of confidence on certain shots.  Using Marilyns excellent techniques has helped me overcome these problems and to enjoy my golf even more. I am producing the best scores I have had in ages. As most golfers know the game is more in the mind than in the technique.’

Thank you, Martin.

More good friends to do business with

April 29, 2010

Today I met with Chris Lane of Crane and Staples,  Solicitors in Welwyn Garden City.

Chris is a conveyancer. He tells me you need a conveyancer as soon as you put your house on the market to sell. You see you need a HIPS report, thats a health and safety check on your house.  After the house is sold the conveyancer is once again needed to get all the information together for both parties prior to finalising the sale.

Now some conveyancers are linked with a specific land agent and they do business together keeping their prices carefully aligned.  Chris works independently giving the client the best price and good old fashioned value for money.  He has literally been conveyancing for years and years, knows, and is good friends with many many people in the business and many people who have bought houses using his services.  He is very caring and worth seeing should you be selling or buying a house.

Word pictures on weight

April 29, 2010

My favourate copywriter, Doug Jenner, from Best Words, has this to say.

‘Copy that works creates pictures in heads. People visualise what you’re on about. They can see it’

So here goes,  this is my word picture to you

The other night I saw a programme on TV about obese people.  One particular lady was so enormous (I think she was 33 stone) she actually allowed the TV cameras into her home to show how you can jeopardise your life if you let the calories take over and just eat and eat.   She was showing us how she lives and graffically saying please don’t ever get like this.

She has so many rolls of fat that the last huge stomach roll rested on the mid part of her upper legs. She could not walk, she could not sit properly, nor lie comfortably.

It showed her husband helping to shower her.  She was sitting and he was carefully lifting up every roll of fat to wash in the creases underneath.  She said they have to do this daily because it gets red, sore,  extremely smelly, and infected very quickly if they don’t.  They started under her great saggy boobs, then moved down lifting every heavy, white, revoltingly globby roll to wash under each. There were at least 5 different rolls of fat altogether.   It looked gross.

She was in tears as she told how she had not been able to see her grandchildren because she cannot travel.  Not only is it too difficult but she is very susceptable to infections and, also,  it would put too much strain on her vital organs.  She has already had frightening heart problems.

This woman was four times my size, one of me in her legs, one of me around her stomach, one of me around her chest and one of me in her arms and head!

I really admire her for letting everyone see her naked and hear her story. I also hope it inspires those heading towards obesity to stop and turn around.

Good friends worth doing business with

March 24, 2010

Some great friends I have met up with this week are…

Doug Jenner of Best Words is a great copy writer and open to work with midsize businesses anywhere in the world. See his very good, and different, website

Mark Combes runs the fastest growing Minster Cleaning business in England, based in Hatfield. He employs 75 staff who work to extremely high standards cleaning a myriad of commercial and school premises. His reputation is expanding quickly.

Janis O’Leary of Daizy Flowers gave me a lovely small handmade real flower handbag. These are perfect for special occasions, unique and classy. It is now displayed at The Citypoint Club adding pizazz to their spa area. Janis does wonderful flowers, as a corporate florist, and is booked for weddings and events for most every week this year.

Richard Gilbert of Stileistics does painting and decorating including tilework.  If anyone is looking for this work he comes well recommended.  phone 01727 766443 Hertfordshire.