Get losing weight now!

January 6, 2013

WL ontrack revWhat about weight loss with absolute caring, personal help for 3 months?

My Bolt to Success program ensures the rubbish foods/drinks are kicked out, that you have no desire for sweet and fattening food, that you eat the size portions you need and actually leave food on your plate if there is too much. It also delves into the whys and wherefores of your eating nipping the triggers in the bud.  More about those in another blog. The important thing is to get started now while you are thinking about it.

  1. Ring for free 20 min phone/skype chat – to work out what you want to achieve and how to do it.  Contact me here
  2. Book your first consultation – it will be in person, or on Skype.
  3. Pay and get the online program – you will get the link and be able to start immediately even before your first consultation.
  4. Start learning all sorts of wonderful things: enjoy the completely different weight loss process of consultations, audios and videos.
  5. Notice the difference to your thoughts, attitude to food and the way you feel and look. It is a great feeling!

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Driving test to pass

October 29, 2012

I like the variety of my work and recently had another 18 year old lad arrive with some frustration issues. At over 6 foot he reminded me just how quickly boys grow into young men and how they still have social and communication skills to learn. He was wanting to pass his driving test and, while perfectly capable, he was ‘losing it’ at the test every time. He had tried five times already.

So, what was it that was creating the anxiety and frustration? Everyone had told him he was a very capable driver, but he just wasn’t comfortable at the test. Firstly, the waiting unsettled him; everyone waiting for their turn. Then, having a non committal instructor sitting beside him with a sheet on a clipboard to mark bad points off, and finally the knowing at the end he had failed yet again. In fact he clearly remembered the instructors words at the end each time, and the places where he had failed.

I think that just having someone else to discuss this all with is helpful. For instance realising that the examiner is having another day at work and passing and failing is a part of that day. It is his job to make sure people he/she passes are competent on the roads. It is not their fault that the person fails. And, realising that the brain remembers many things good and bad, and will repeat them, allowed him to understand that the memories of past tests could be easily repeated. We needed to break the negative cycle and increase positive thoughts.

Now, I taught this lad some helpful calming techniques which he started using immediately in all sorts of situations so they could become ingrained. He started noticing he was being more open in the classroom, asking and answering questions. He caught himself singing at one point which made him feel like something nice was happening. Other small changes showed he was becoming more relaxed and confident.

At the third session we brought it altogether in a lovely hypnotherapy session. He used his calming techniques as we ran through some imaginary tests, including all the places he had previously lost points but this time doing the moves perfectly. He even got to see himself being told he had passed and feel the elation of that, followed by the thrill of being more independent, able to drive safely on his own.

The next day I received a text that he had passed. He noted he had used the techniques to help him feel calm and it had all worked. He was delighted. Well done!  Actually, a lot more was achieved than the successful driving test.

Lots on my facebook page

September 8, 2012

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More on Tapping World Summit

May 12, 2012

May 12th covers weight.

There is one workshop on ‘ Body image and weight loss, something that finally works’ with well known EFTer Carol Tuttle, and Australian Steve Wells from demonstrates how tapping can deal with fattening foods. How to take control of food cravings.

These will be well worth listening to. I am incorporating a lot of this work into my weight loss sessions continuing my improvement as I, too, listen and gain new ideas.

To listen for free go here

Tapping bears

March 7, 2012

I spent last weekend in Lancashire learning how to use my two magic tapping bears, Honey and Brown. Oh, I ‘d forgotten you have already met Brown (he was catching up on his beauty sleep, but he soon woke up when a friend arrived)  Don’t they look cute? They are soft and cuddly.

Notice how they have little red heart buttons in just the right places for meridian tapping. You actually can put your problems into the bear, tap the bear and release your problems at the same time. It is rather unusual but most effective.

Weight loss – getting it right

February 15, 2012

Last month I mentioned how our life is like a road, we have to get on the right one or we end up someplace else.

For the likes of people who are carrying excess fat, unless they are doing something about it, they are on the road to Fatter and to More Miserable which lead to Diabetes, Heart disease, and to Illness.

This seems a bit defeatist but it is proven to them daily by the way they eat in secret, eat too much, and always go on diets. “Oh, that one worked, I lost 5 stone”, I hear people say when they come. But they have put it all back on, so how did it work? There must have been something wrong.

There is one consolation about diets, people at least get a taste of how good it feels to have energy, and a waist, and wear off-the-shelf clothes. They loved it but why did it all go back on? Did they not kick their bad eating habits?  Did they not continue exercising? Weren’t they strong enough to withstand a blip?

I have been dealing with weight issues for some years now, completely naturally. Half a stone a month is great to keep it off permanently, so for 5 stone that may well be almost a year. It is the first 3 months that counts. Once you get in the zone and put things in perspective it all becomes second nature. Using hypnotherapy and EFT (emotional freedom technique) I start people thinking positively, we look at what they eat, when, and why. After a couple of consultations they say things like ‘I wasn’t even thinking about it and I left food on my plate’ or ‘It was bizzare, I only ate one!’

For weight loss you have to deal with the triggers that make you eat. Perhaps it is loneliness, difficult kids, the inability to cope, lack of confidence, a void, or something from the past that is hidden deep and the fat is protecting it so wont go away. These have to be dealt with. Diets don’t address these issues. And, it is no use thinking no one understands you. When people come I make it my business to.

Of course, to lose weight you need to have a positive attitude, awareness of what and how much is going in your mouth, and also some exercise to tone the muscles to take up the slack when the fat leaves. This is all part of my job.

If you are obese get a thorough medical check, and include thyroid, candida, and, in women, fibroids.  I am sure your doctor will think of other things too, and call me for a chat.

Various and more horse riding

September 3, 2011

The fun in my work is the variety. People come for all sorts of things: snoring, teeth grinding, and sleeping; flying, needles, thunder and claustro phobias; finding, mending and improving relationships; and, as I have mentioned before, emotional stressy stuff that brings on anxiety, anger, sadness, comfort eating, drinking and smoking. Often entwined these can be unpicked and leave a person really pleasantly changed within a few weeks, or a few months. The trick is motivation, want to do it, ask for help, and then let it happen.

I love working with sports and creative people; too, they so know what they want to improve.  Whether it be a better lap time, a more consistent round of golf, a new technique, dealing with self-consciousness during a performance, a higher note sung, focus to finish a book… there is so much fun in helping them achieve.

Talking about horse riding today. I admire people with horses, they have the tenacity and figures to prove their daily commitment and responsibility. However, I do have riders come who have lost confidence, are scared, anxious and not riding. They are thinking about having to sell their horse, and yet they really want to ride.

Jo was one such person. Her lovely, patient, horse was spooked one day, and took off. She couldn’t stop him. It was really frightening, she very nearly fell off. After that she was fearful about riding him out on her own. That was three months ago. As well as acute anxiety she also felt guilt and anger that she hadn’t controlled him.

Someone at the stable had been to see me about her fear of cantering and was really appreciative of the results. She and Jo talked and Jo gave me a call.

I always take the time to get the full picture. Jo was all tense. We needed to release some negative tension and started the process with some tapping on her energy lines. EFT (emotional Freedom Technique) works a treat for emotional release. She came back for her second session and reported how much calmer she had been, including a riding lesson that went really well, some unusually calm behaviour at home and at work. She was feeling pretty pleased with herself already.

In her second session we dealt with the horse incident and this brought up another anxiety issue from way back. She felt the release and it felt good. She once again left smiling. I was proud of her, she was ready for this. Hypnotherapy followed a week later and she was able to go riding afterwards on her own and even had an exhillerating canter!

Our next goal is to deal with her fear of riding without stirrups.

I have no doubt that her new confidence will ensure she enjoys riding, and over time various other things she hadn’t even anticipated will improve too. This is such positive work!

I guess there may be someone else out there who feels like Jo and may like to deal with it like she did. Just phone, we can do it together.