Dyslexia and learning difficulties

There is so much that can be done to help anyone having trouble with literacy – reading, spelling, and writing.  There are so many needing help including children, teenagers, and adults of all ages.

Often these people are identified as being dyslexic and I thought it would be good to list here the 8 benefits of having dyslexia as identified by Olive Hickmott of Empowering Learning. Olive has an excellent programme to help these people and I am one of her trained practitioners.

8 Benefits of Having Dyslexia

By Olive Hickmott

Bridges to Success – how to Transform Learning Difficulties” covers much material about the exceptional skills of those with learning difficulties, so this very specific list for Dyslexia is very useful. There is a common misconception in the world that having Dyslexia is a bad thing. Whilst the symptoms of Dyslexia present some challenges, the rest is sheer genius. The following is a list of exceptional characteristics that I consistently see in myself, my clients, friends and colleagues with Dyslexia.

  1. Ability to see things from different perspectives, at the same time. Dyslexics can not only imagine what physical objects look like from different perspectives, including cross sections, they can see, without any difficulty, the other side of an argument, business opportunities others don’t see, the list is endless.
  2. Ability to see 2D objects in 3D. For example when looking at an Ordnance Survey map, which is flat, they notice the contour lines and can create within seconds a 3D pictures of the mountains and hills, in their mind’s eye
  3. High speed ability to make connections between different facts. This leads to amazing insights but can lose the audience
  4. Picture thinking and a mind’s eye that can run anything as a very fast video. This is invaluable for fast recall and in particular working in the media.
  5. Exception interpersonal skills. Their creative verbal communications often makes up for their lack of written communications.
  6. Creativity. Look back in history to all the famous people who were Dyslexic, they were all very creative. Today we have Jamie Oliver and Richard Branson for example.
  7. High intelligence. Every Dyslexic I meet has well above average intelligence
  8. Perspectius. I created a word “Perspectious” once to mean genius level ability to see different

    perspectives simultaneously, I think this sums up their attributes.

Olive Hickmott is the Founder of Empowering Learning, author of the bestsellers, Seeing Spells Achieving and Bridges to Success – how to transform Learning Difficulties. Olive and those she has trained work with people in a coaching framework to help them understand their own experiences and learn new skills to change these if they want. Their outstanding skills are just enhanced, never diminished.

Olive Hickmott
Empowering Learning http://www.empoweringlearning.co.uk


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