and, some heat on the Sunshine Coast

IMG_0818Yes, I had forgotten how humid and hot Queensland can be. Usually at this time of the year, Easter, the heat has dissipated and it is quite pleasantly hot and getting ready for a beautiful winter.  We knew it would take awhile to acclimatise so we planned on coming now to allow ourselves some months to prepare for next summer. But, no, the weather has just had to remind us how good it is to have water nearby to dive into to cool down. The mozzies have managed to ravish me, too, which also means water takes the itch and sting out. So it has been really tropical weather, over 30 degrees and sudden rain showers which clear just as suddenly.

The photo is real dinky di Mooloolaba beach. The best beach in Queensland in my book! Taken last Sunday when we joined my sister and hubby for  a picnic under the trees, swim and walk on the beach – just lovely.  You can see there is a big surf carnival going on – it was the Queensland championships.

These last few weeks have been so full on and it has sure taken some time to readjust. However, I must take some more photos and blog a bit more often to show you what’s going on.

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