Brisbane, Australia, here we come!

images-14Well the tickets are bought and there’s no turning back. The plane has our names on it’s seats on March 13th. A one way trip; Heathrow to Melbourne and then on to Brisbane. The aussies are returning home.

How scary is this!  We’ve been ten years here in England exactly and we only came for two to see if we liked it. And we did!  We settled in easily, have learned so much, my business has done well, we enjoy the countryside and love the people. So you may ask why are we leaving?

Well, as I said, we came with fluid minds. Our daughter and family were here and when their children grew to the point of needing a bigger house they decided to go back to New Zealand and settle there. That was four years ago and NZ is about as far as you can go in this world without turning around and coming back. It is not close enough to pop over and help out for a weekend, or invite them to dinner on Sunday nights. Their lovely children are growing up and the oldest is in highschool so it is time to rebond.  Our son is in Australia and also settled, we have not even cuddled his three year old yet. We are just too far away.

So there we go! It was a sudden decision and now there’s a bit of a panic on, lots of stuff to do, my business to sort out here and relocate there. People to notify and thank.

For all my clients you are in my thoughts. Please be aware that I am available until the end of February for consultations, and happy to talk on the phone as well. My business will be the same only located in a different town. You know me, I know you, we can still connect. Please think of me when you need help because I will be right there for you online.

I see and speak to many of my clients on skype.  It is free to download and use, very cost effective and time efficient. My website is constant, there’s my contact details there. I enjoy writing and will always keep you updated on this blog. You will find the link on from my homepage.

Actually, I feel a couple of blogs coming on….   a ‘stuff to sell’ blog, including my therapy chair, good big desk, filing cabinet and office chairs. Also a ‘skype’ blog. So watch this space!

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