2 weeks to go

February 25, 2013

Oh dear….  there’s just 2 weeks to go before we fly out for Melbourne and then Brisbane…. and you should see the flat, actually no. you shouldn’t see it!

My husband is working long hours starting at like 2am and my diary is full with last minute clients. I was at a training all weekend til late, and this week am helping a good friend with her stand at the Publishing Expo in Earls Court, London. That is 2 days and one night away as well.

This is what I have to do… dig myself into the big cupboard that goes right across the wall in our bedroom and get out everything that has been stored in there in boxes of all shapes and sizes so I can see what is there and then decide what I am taking on plane, sending as unaccompanied luggage, sending by sea and what I am chucking out. This has to be drastic and involves not only shoes and clothes but golf clubs and god knows what else has been shoved in there to create space elsewhere. For instance I found a pile of knitting needles and my favourite knitting patterns and I havent knitted since Aiden was just about to be born 9 years ago. The shawl is still unfinished and I have promised to complete it for his 21st!

We came here to England, from Australia, just 10 years ago this week. We brought our 20kg each on the plane and 3 small boxes of unaccompanied luggage plus my sewing machine.  We need to condense back to something similar. Ouch!

So, I better get back to it all.

Moving – stuff to sell

February 12, 2013

We have a few items to sell before we move. In fact pretty much everything is going. We don’t want to have to send much on after us.  A nice desk with slide out shelf here, plus a £10 solid shorter desk. There’s 3 ex office exec chairs, a double bed. Yes, and even my lovely therapy chair complete with warm massaging back controls and our nice dining suite. Offers.




Skype for client consultations

February 1, 2013


Following on from the last blog on moving (yes, please read that first) …  I said I would do one on skyping.

So much is done online these days. When you want to know something you find it via Google or Youtube, when you want to learn something you attend a webinar, when you want to share something you do Facetime, or use Go To Meeting and everyone is connected up on Facebook. Businesses use LinkedIn and there are online degrees, lectures and school work, even in the classroom.

More than half of the people who come to me for help have found me online and my consultations over the last 6 years have been run not only in my little therapy room, and in Moorgate, but also on skype. So, in line with what people want, I am now expanding the skype side of my business even further online, and that’s where you come in.

I regularly have skype sessions with clients in England and overseas. We form our own little space and, with a cuppa, settle down just as we would if we were both in my little therapy room. A skype session typically lasts 60 minutes compared to the usual hour and a half because we get such a lot done.

Skyping is quick; it saves time and money travelling; it saves stressing out over weather and road conditions; it saves dressing up, and it saves energy; it is very easy and it is cheap. It is like picking up the phone and talking only free.

Skype is good for those who are housebound for any reason, for those with time restraints and those who are shy. It is good for people who want instant help and for those who have already seen me and want someone they know. We can do it like a telephone, or with the video effect as well.

So what about you?  How does this affect you?

You are one of almost 1000 people who receive this newsletter and have probably been to see me at some point. You may have felt that at some point in the future you may like to return if the situation arises but there I am living in Australia so unfortunately it is out of the question. Or is it?

Yes, I will be in Australia, half way around the world, but had you thought about a skype consultation?  And why not?  Skype links us instantly it’s like talking on the phone only completely free!  And, you are right, there is a slight time difference but we make the appointment by email first and I always book it with people in their own time, so I am not concerned about this at all.

I am planning a webinar to go through how a consultation works on skype later in March or early April and will keep you in the loop.

Brisbane, Australia, here we come!

February 1, 2013

images-14Well the tickets are bought and there’s no turning back. The plane has our names on it’s seats on March 13th. A one way trip; Heathrow to Melbourne and then on to Brisbane. The aussies are returning home.

How scary is this!  We’ve been ten years here in England exactly and we only came for two to see if we liked it. And we did!  We settled in easily, have learned so much, my business has done well, we enjoy the countryside and love the people. So you may ask why are we leaving?

Well, as I said, we came with fluid minds. Our daughter and family were here and when their children grew to the point of needing a bigger house they decided to go back to New Zealand and settle there. That was four years ago and NZ is about as far as you can go in this world without turning around and coming back. It is not close enough to pop over and help out for a weekend, or invite them to dinner on Sunday nights. Their lovely children are growing up and the oldest is in highschool so it is time to rebond.  Our son is in Australia and also settled, we have not even cuddled his three year old yet. We are just too far away.

So there we go! It was a sudden decision and now there’s a bit of a panic on, lots of stuff to do, my business to sort out here and relocate there. People to notify and thank.

For all my clients you are in my thoughts. Please be aware that I am available until the end of February for consultations, and happy to talk on the phone as well. My business will be the same only located in a different town. You know me, I know you, we can still connect. Please think of me when you need help because I will be right there for you online.

I see and speak to many of my clients on skype.  It is free to download and use, very cost effective and time efficient. My website is constant, there’s my contact details there. I enjoy writing and will always keep you updated on this blog. You will find the link on from my homepage.

Actually, I feel a couple of blogs coming on….   a ‘stuff to sell’ blog, including my therapy chair, good big desk, filing cabinet and office chairs. Also a ‘skype’ blog. So watch this space!