Christmas thoughts

It was another quiet Christmas for us.

IMG_0510Our kids live the other side of the world so we Skype on Christmas eve for their Christmas morning present unwrapping. Looking back my grandparents lived in the UK and living in NZ I only got to see one lot twice in my entire life, and the other lot never. We used to write letters and get little exciting, often homemade, parcels for Christmas which had probably been posted months prior to come by sea.

Now, here we are living in the UK and our grandkids are in NZ and AUS. We chat and skype often and it doesn’t cost a penny. I can post light parcels and they get them in 10 days, I can buy online and they get them delivered free and I can even send them money without posting it. If I want something very specific I can ring the shop there, pay online and get them to collect it.

Because we are only 2 for Christmas we sleep in and then organise our christmas meal to last throughout the day. We don’t have to rush. A glass of wine and a small entree around 11.30am, a couple of hours later a roast meal and then desert/pudding in the evening. A bit of tele, a walk, and some chattering in-between. We don’t need to go overboard with food because we are not used to it and we wouldn’t sleep any good afterwards.

However saying all that I still have a fairly full fridge now and it’s Saturday. There’s left over NZ Christmas lamb, yummy christmas cake, still fresh fruit for fruit salad, there’s some cream, a dip and some fancy cheese. There’s even a little bit of homemade chocolate rocky road left, and some pringles in the cupboard. We’ll have a nice weekend!

I hope we will be with our kids for Christmas next year.

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