Marathon information evening

Last Tuesday the Complete Health & Wellbeing team put on a marathon information evening for the members of The Citypoint Club, Moorgate. It was great to be included in the speaker line up. I do enjoy motivating sports people to action.

We had a great turnout of 60 people. Some were marathon newbies, while some others had run 10 marathons already. All were delighted with the content. There was a section on preventing injury from Chris Myers, of Complete Physio, with the correct exercises to warm up and warm down. Ben Leach, of Super Training, explained a running plan and nutrition, and Shaun Dixon, of Let’s Get Running, explained most interestingly how you need to video yourself running to get your stride right. I came on at the end to talk about a motivated mindset to train and finish.

images-11An important part of a marathon mindset is to get training now and continue positively. The guys were saying you should clock up about 500 miles in your training so you need a couple of pairs of trainers and mix them about so you do not run out of tread at the last minute.

To help all attendees I had prepared some free mp3 downloads for them to mix in with their training music. These are little positive mindsets lasting just 17 seconds which are mixed between your tracks so they work subliminally to put you in a good frame of mind and keep you focused and calm, despite the time of day, the weather, and anything else that gets in the way when you are training for a marathon.

Find the free downloads and more info on my website here on the marathon running page.


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