Do you stress or worry?

A good 80% of the hundreds of people I see annually would have anxiety related symptoms: from bed wetters as young as 5 to older people worrying. Yet, I only see the tip of a huge iceberg.

So much day-to-day stuff upsets people: lack of confidence, being watched; presentations, work situations, redundancy and money issues; panic and phobias; coping with kids and relationships; school issues, exams and driving tests; toilet issues, medical treatment, pain; getting pregnant, weight gain; even deep trauma from years ago; and many more.

If you suffer worry or anxiety issues they can be changed. Remember that the more you repeat them the more ingrained they become and after a while you may give up trying and start thinking that this is just the way you are. But it isn’t!  You can change, you can get out of that spiraling loop. There is absolutely no point going through your life repeating the same negative behavior time after time. Get help from someone that knows what to do. Get help and deal with it! You will feel so different after.

Calmness is what we aim for and here are a few steps to help you now.

  1. BREATHE.  This is easy. You are continually breathing, so just take a deeper breath, hold it for a second and then let it go slowly. Anxiety involves shallow breathing, the lungs don’t get the oxygen they need, so more quick breaths are needed. Stopping for a slightly deeper breath strengthens you, the oxygen goes deep inside, you focus on your breathing and it breaks the fear cycle. Practice breathing properly.
  2. THINK. If you are concerned about anything THINK before you engage your mouth. What comes out in a heated moment is something you can never take back. Many people have said or done something they regret. (If something like this has happened to you already then something can be done. It is no use carrying the scar around to remind you forever.)
  3. ACT.  After breathing to calm yourself down, and thinking about what you are about to say, then ACT in a responsible way. See the situation for what it is and take control of yourself. Cut the worry, cut the small talk, let go of the negative thoughts, and respond in the right way for the situation.  It may just need a smile, it may be you walk away from it and let others manage, or it may be you carry on with something else. Whatever you choose will be better than what you previously did.

There are lots of ways you can be helped. After a first session you will notice the difference in some way, after a month it will be much better and after 3 months you will have almost forgotten about it.


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