Murder Ball – wow!

Well, after watching a fair chunk of the Games on the idiot box and becoming thoroughly amazed at what can be done when one sets ones mind to something I really think the very last event took the cake!

On Sunday, the date of the Paralympics closing ceremony there were about 2-3 event finals. There was the Marathon with all its categories of abilities, and the Wheel Chair Rugby or Murder Ball as they call it.

I have never seen wheelchairs with bull bars on but these had them. I have never seen goals scored with the whole area empty bar the scorer, but this was (until you looked into the corners and saw the opposition nailed in unable to move). I have never seen such fast wheelchair action as if the participants were throwing themselves into trouble but these guys did. I have never seen people with disabilities not giving a stuff if they fell over, bumped a sore spot or got charged, but these guys didn’t.

What an amazing final!  Canada has obviously been a Murder Ball country for years and who would have thought Australia would have had such an attacking style, pushing the rules to the limit. What a deserved win by the Aussies. Thoroughly worth watching again on iplayer (or Channel 4 equivalent).


One Response to Murder Ball – wow!

  1. Murder Ball is one of the most exhilarating sports of the Paralympic Games.

    We have hosted a profile of Inspirational Paralympic Hero RYLEY BATT, the gold medal winner.

    What inspired you most about the London 2012 Paralympic Games?

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