Here’s a winner in confidence

Amelia (name changed for confidentiality) came to me with confidence issues. She was a quiet 30 year old with few friends, living and working in London. She told me she wanted to stop panicking, be calm, and have the confidence to go out on her own socially and not feel afraid or threatened.

It all came down to numerous bad relationships. The first guy was fine until he started two-timing her. That ended in an argument and she was left feeling inadequate and not good enough. The next one had treated her badly, verbally telling her she was useless and periodically hitting her, depending on how his day had gone. It took a real nasty knock to finally get out of that relationship. She knew she should have left ages ago but she was so scared of what he might do and where she would go. She was too scared to tell her family, she was ashamed, and felt a failure. Well, after all hadn’t she been told constantly she was useless?  And now she felt intimidated by her line manager. She was feeling a victim and felt she was attracting the wrong sort of people.

Something, or someone, finally said she needed help. Thank goodness! She certainly didn’t want to continue down that route and end up at 40 in a worse mess. She told me she wanted the confidence to find a new job and some nice, good friends.

Now hypnotherapy with me is a gently relaxing process, especially after all the words and frustrations have come out. We balanced her energy field, refocused her, and instilled calm and comfort. The EFT dealt with the habitual victim-like responses, nicely breaking the negative cycle so she felt stronger. She had three, weekly consultations and when she came for a fourth 3 months later she was excited and animatedly told me how she has changed her job, now managing a team, loves the new incentives there, and is standing her ground.

She noted how full her diary is. With her two new girlfriends she visits a different posh restaurant on the first week of the month, takes in a show on the last week, and goes rock climbing weekly with all those fit guys!  I loved the way her eyes lit up. She has decided she wants to buy a flat so is looking into the possibility of sharing or downsizing to save for it. This was a new girl, stronger and loving her life.

Many people fumble along miserably for years and don’t do anything.  It is never too late!  Amelia took just 4 consultations to completely change. In my mind she’s a real winner. She recognised something needed to change and it was her. She did it and she’s winning, big time!


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