Post 100

This my 100th wordpress post. Well, what have I achieved in 100 posts over 2 years?

It started out as a blog to record myself learning to play golf and using hypnosis to do so. It was amazing when I had that zone feeling brought on by hypnosis, to just know where you were going to place the golf ball no matter how difficult the shot and to just do it.  Unfortunately that all went by the wayside as I got really busy with clients and pushed my practice to the next level.

My new and improved website was the focus last year, 2011, and it has paid off hands down. It was designed to inform visitors about my work and to include all the hypnosis and EFT I do. An e-commerce function was included so I could sell my hypnosis cd and mp3 audios online.  I produced 9 audios in 2011 which was a much bigger feat than I imagined, what with planning, recording, music mixing, graphic cover designs and the copy-writing involved. I am delighted with them and they are selling which is so encouraging. The blog has helped.

This year, 2012, has seen me move to another level with 6 more audios including the start of a real hypnosis weight loss programme for people serious about losing weight and wanting to do it both effectively and cheaply. It took six months to prepare those audios and now the results are coming in, and they are good. Adding personalised EFT consultations to them strengthens the results and removes blocks to progress.

While I love the patient contact here in my clinics, I can see the potential to reach them and lots of others online and am excited by this. More helpful audios and videos are in the pipeline. More Skype consultations, too. I do want this to be a truly global yet very personal practice, one that can reach people in need anywhere they have a computer.

As I write my articles for magazines so I put them on my blog, as I think of something helpful I put it here on my blog or on my hypnosis cd and mp3 Facebook page. They all link up now so it is becoming easier. Roll on the next 100 wordpress posts!

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