Do you know someone who snores?

Are you kept awake with this snorting and noise? Are you having to shove that person over through the night? or, are you listen

hypnosis mp3 to stop snoring

Stop snoring with this hypnosis audio

ing from a distance and wishing they would deal with it? Are you embarrassed about having visitors in the house, or going away on holiday with your snorer?

Well, I have news for you. The new stop snoring audio is now available. Click the photo for more.

It is in both mp3 and CD. You suggest your snorer needs help, you tell them it is simple. They listen in bed, when they are ready to go to sleep, straight from an ipod or listening device of some kind. All they have to do is put the headphones in and listen. At the end they discard the headphones, roll over and go to sleep. Simple!  They are in bed anyway so it’s easy. They have nothing to lose except the sound, and much to gain with a happy, rested, household. You will get your sleep.

Snoring is caused by fatty tissue slightly obstructing the passage of air through the throat. This pleasant hypnotic audio works to tighten the muscles around that area, and also brings awareness of when snoring starts so they can turn themselves over and sleep quietly on. Listening details are included.

We know that snoring is more common in those carrying extra weight or after a night out drinking. However, in some cases the fatty tissue is so pronounced that the air is blocked and every so often the breathing stops. This is called sleep apnea and should be discussed straight away with your Doctor.


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