World Tapping Summit – May 7th on

Hi there again

As you probably know I use EFT with many of my clients and we are always amazed at how quickly they notice change.  So, I feel it is really important to let you know about  the annual world tapping summit which is on once again over 10 days starting this coming Monday, May 7th.

It is a huge online event with interviews of world leaders in EFT (emotional Freedom technique) who use this in their daily lives and who help others succeed.  I really recommend you checking out the amazing speakers and even just tuning in to one or two of the sessions. It is hands on, the process is explained, you can benefit from any session. People have literally made personal changes just listening!

Over 300,000 attended this event online last year and the registration figures to date have eclipsed this. I thought that instead of bombarding you with all the emails and videos that have come out prior to this well run event that I would put them in one central place and you could just view them from here.

Nick Orter talks on retraining your brain to help you succeed

Kris Carr talks on the causes of illness and ways to improve health

Cheryl Richardson talks on EFT for fears and phobias

It is free and here is where you register 

This bottom link details everything covered and when. You can dip in and dip out and each one is free for 24 hours so you can fit it in with your timezone. And it starts this coming Monday May 7th. Click through and take a good look.


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