Special time

Every now and again one experiences really special times with someone they love. This is one of those times. Our daughter is visiting for 2 weeks. Maree lives on a beautiful island in the north of New Zealand and has come on her own leaving her hubby to manage the three children. What a treat for us all and, well, a bit of a handful for him!

… and where would we be without wonderful Skype?  She planned her trip with us and has skyped them daily. It’s so spontaneous!

When I think of how I grew up in New Zealand, and my grandparents were living in the UK . I only ever saw them on two occasions. Once they visited us and another time we came over by sea, 6 weeks on a ship to get here via the Suez Canal, 6 weeks here and 4 weeks back through the Panama canal. It was a big round the world trip for a young school girl and I had to do my studies as I went. (not that successfully as there was so much else going on) That was some years ago I might add. 1958. It was far too expensive to fly.

Maree’s flight was 27 hours with 4 hours in Bangkok. She took a week to get into our sleeping pattern and will be soon gone.

She will be testing out my sleeping mp3’s on the return journey. Hopefully she will sleep a whole heap better on the flight and be back into a routine much more quickly on her return. I am interested if the hypnosis audios can fix jet lag and wish I had thought about it before she left! Other people have already used them (the mp3’s) to great advantage on plane trips.

The wave of relaxation and Powering down are perfect soothers to help sleep.


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