New and improved website live

Well, after months of work the improved and new website is up and running!  It has a completely new backend, Mat started from scratch building it with all the mod cons. We moved lots over to it and added loads more pages, I think there are more than 250 all up!  Yes, its pretty large but you don’t notice it from the front.

Some of the noticeable new improvements are the photos in the A-Z symptoms; a hugely improved and styled testimonial area with photos; new pages for pregnancy and birth, children, tinnitus, money worries, and past life regression and we have separated anxiety and worry. Theres new photos and updates all over!

The biggest new feature is the online shopping. I have been working on new hypnosis recordings to sell online. These are professionally put together with music and are in mp3 and CD format, very reasonably priced. The original idea was to put out a short mp3 that someone can listen to on the way to work to set themself up for the day. These form the confidence series. There’s a healing series and a sleep series, too, nine 22-23 minute audios in total so far. I keep having ideas for what the next ones will be and so there will be more series and more recordings in each. Watch this space!

So, do check out the website. Sign up for my newsletter and listen to a few audio tasters, too.


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