Some nice recent successes

I am delighted to see people coming in having made such delightful changes and periodically like to report on these. Maybe it will help someone else who is considering coming to see me.

Some people spend a lot of unnecessary time worrying. One such man came to see me because it was getting out of hand. He has been paranoid about his teenage son going out at night. So bad that the whole family is on edge. He couldn’t sleep and was even sitting in the car in the middle of the night just in case the boy rang and needed a lift home. He came into his third and last session with a big smile on his face. Not only is he more relaxed, rational, and trusting of the son but he had been in a work meeting that morning and comfortably put his point forward which he has never have done previously.

Just this week a man returned after a year. He’s a middle aged city businessman who had been consuming too much alcohol and had put on way too much weight. He had 2 sessions last April and I hadn’t heard back from him. He was looking really good having lost over a stone and a half. This was due to the cut back on the wine, and less pizzas. He was just coming back, as I often recommend, for a one session boost to keep him on track.

Teachers suffer lots of stress which can bring on IBS. Hypnotherapy is recognised as a good treatment for IBS. Since January, and over 5 sessions, I have been seeing a caring head teacher with little time to herself. Like all my clients she is getting a very personalised service and has recordings to listen to between sessions. I was delighted to hear this week that despite her increased work demands her stomach has settled down and she has had 2 weeks where she hasn’t been in pain or suffered the crippling IBS cramps she has had for years.  This is good news for us to build on.

Another lady this week was pleased to let me know her weight is leaving at long last. We have had about 3 sessions over 5 weeks.  She has stopped biting her nails and was thrilled to show me them growing. She has dropped off a pile of worrying about her grownup kids, and the scales are starting to show that what we are doing is all working. She was buzzing and it was so good to see.

And talking about buzzing I worked with EFT to help shift some tinnitus this week. It was quite bizarre the way it worked. While it was his very first session with me, and all new to him, I am hopeful we may be able to make more progress next time.

Everyone is different and so we fine tune it between us as we go.


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