Plumber and Tiler, painter and decorator

And continuing helping you to find trusted quality workmanship when you are wanting to repair your home.  A plumber plus a tiler, painter and decorator. These well trained experienced people give very professional, helpful service in the Hertfordshire area. Both are based in St Albans.

Richard Gilbert, of Stileistics, specialises in tiling and has years of experience plus all the tools to cut, lay, move, and repair tiles, as well as replace grouting. He works with all the different types of tile, slate, marble etc, spending the time to do the job properly. Richard is meticulous and also paints and decorates so can do a great job of the entire home.

Trevor Burdett plumbing and heating service will plumb any household job including emergency repairs. As a great diagnostic plumber he has learned to work efficently and quickly with all the correct tools and equipment at the ready, saving forays to shops at the customers expense. He will happily plumb bathrooms, toilets and kitchens, and  does all types of heating, with it all cleaned up nicely afterwards, too.

These people are good friends, do contact me for details.


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