Anxiety problems

Approximately 80% of people I see come with anxiety of one form or another. Anything from presentation anxiety to driving and flying anxieties, and then to deep rooted worries from maybe sexual abuse, bereavements, relationship issues or a myriad of others.

Sleeplessness, night time teeth grinding, tenseness, snappiness, or withdrawal can be a direct result of anxiety or worry.

If you have acute anxiety, it becomes a panic attack and you will know what I mean. You are in a certain situation and then all of a sudden your palms get sweaty, your heart starts pounding, your chest feels tight, maybe your breathing becomes shallow. You tense up, a knot develops in your stomach, or butterflies. Maybe you feel nauseous, have trouble thinking clearly or speaking legibly. Most sufferers just want to run and hide. This is not nice.

In most cases as one symptom is felt the next one is anticipated, and then the next. This self monitoring makes the symptoms develop more. The expectation is there, they will happen.  And the worst thing about this is that it happens more frequently and you have no control over it. This can be very frightening and certainly saps energy, and self confidence.

Many withdraw, avoid situations, so they don’t feel embarrassed in front of others.

Women can get this way, especially when they feel self conscious about their weight, and often weight issues go right back to old anxieties. And I know men can get anxious when it comes to work presentations and they often find they cannot progress in their jobs until they deal with it.

Children can get like this, too, at exam times, and often as a result of bullying or verbal abuse, or just pressure to meet their parents’ expectations.

The trick is to break the pattern in a safe and helpful way, and it can be done quite easily if one just asks for the right, objective help to do so. And the nicest thing is that when these old responses are released all of a sudden the world opens up and so many nice things happen.

A recent example was a lovely 16 year old boy whose mother brought for help to relieve his flying anxiety, prior to a school trip. It took three sessions to deal with his issues. He not only had a great trip but the anxiety he had experienced at exam time was also gone.  He is very happy with the outcome, more relaxed, more self confident, and his mother has commented on his new maturity. It has been a good result for the whole family.

Perhaps you know of someone who feels anxious in some way? Please suggest they seek help. Life is too short to waste in worry, fear and tightness. If anyone wants to know more do visit my website and check out the stress and anxiety page and then call for a chat. Maybe I can help.


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