Architect and bespoke furniture

I must continue updating on good people I know  in business, those friends of mine who come well recommended. Today two particularly artistic and creative people to help you in your house.

Paul Davidson runs UCHI Architecture which is based in Harpenden and Saffron Walden. I am amazed at all the beautiful buildings and houses Paul has created.  His portfolio is extensive and he is particularly skilled when it comes to improving listed buildings, yet equally enjoys new builds and renovations of existing buildings. UCHI has the experience and creativity to really produce what the owner or developer want to build. ph. 07734 334924

Phil Harding is a bespoke contemporary furniture maker. So bespoke that he just makes everything fit exactly where you want it to, strange tight places or corners in your house, or building, and with illusions so the piece enhances the space and seems a part of it.  ph 07793 435310

He has a special aptitude for seeing and creating that few people have and this is why he has been invited to exhibit in new designers exhibitions in London and New York. His unique talent inspired a design which captures the sound of a persons voice. It’s like DNA, a wonderful shape, made of perspex, or glass, which captures light and reflects it so beautifully. This depiction of the sound of your own voice can be a set piece, incorporated into a coffee table, or a chandelair. It is a real talking point.


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