Easier studying, better results

This is for those of you who are at school wanting to do better, those at college or uni, those preparing their dissertations, for those doing driving licences, and for those who care about them.

It doesn’t matter what age you are if you want to do better then it is possible. And, if there is some reason you are not doing well right now then it is high time it was addressed, giving you time to focus, do the research, take in the detail, and get a good understanding in time to get consistently good marks before year end.

You may think, ‘Well, I have always worked on my assignments the night before, just made the deadline, and I haven’t done too badly.’  Well, so be it, this may not be for you. But, I challenge you to think, ‘What if I had worked smarter, would I have done any better?’ How do you honestly know unless you try?

We all know how easy it is to put the study aside, be social, and to procrastinate here and there, so easy, but sooner or later the guilt sets in, and the worry, and even some stress.  People around you remind you what you should, and should not, be doing, it can become a bit invasive and everyone gets touchy. I have seen students a ball of nerves around exam time, cramming reading, and last minute assignments to get done in time, working around the clock, not sleeping, eating rubbish food and drink. This does not help your brain. This is not the way to do it!

So, how can you get better results? Well, perhaps it’s time to relax your brain and let the information flow in. Perhaps you can work smarter, not harder. Many people attempt to learn new information by writing notes and making lists, these are left brain activities. When you engage your right brain as well you use your brain’s full potential.  It’s a bit like a computer hard drive, when entered properly the information can be filed in the right areas for easy retrieval and recall.

Using wonderful forward-looking visualisation techniques you may have a similar experience to one of my clients who was procrastinating his MBA dissertation.  In hypnosis he was able to visualise the final work and his result.  Some months later he emailed that he had got within 2 marks of this and had been recommended for a distinction. Not only that, but he wrote that he now had an interview with a well known global business, just as he had imagined in his hypnotherapy session.

The special relaxing story telling techniques I use are great for teenagers, the results show not only in their schoolwork but also in their confidence. Family dynamics very often change for the better. This could make the difference between one school/uni/job and another, it is so worthwhile. As a past teacher I care, 2-3 sessions could be all that is needed.

Special rates for those still at school. Ring 07962 811907

And, teachers, I can help reduce your stress, too. Come and learn how.


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