What road will you travel in 2011?

Our life is like a road. Think of it as a motorway with lots of side roads. Sometimes everything is going well and we are moving fast.  Sometimes we get side tracked and end up on another motorway, other times it seems like we are way off course, have hit a bumpy road, or even a road block.

So, thinking of 2010, were you on a motorway? Was your journey planned or did it seem like a pretty aimless year?  For instance if you had plotted it into your Sat Nav are you now in a different place than the one you started at last January? Could it have been better?

Now is the time to make 2011 better. There will be many journeys to put into your sat nav for the year and wouldn’t it be great if each one was on a motorway taking you someplace exciting. Are you ready for some adventure?

And, thinking of yourself as that vehicle, are you a sleek racing car, or an older model with some rust, some dints, with very little power, and perhaps no spare in the boot?

It’s not much use expecting a great road ahead if the car hasn’t the power and resources to travel it!

While a car can easily be replaced, unfortunately your body can’t. You can, however, get it fixed.

Maybe you haven’t been firing on all cylinders, and need an energy tune up. That will make a huge difference immediately. Then, you can learn to recharge yourself with decent sleep. Things holding you back like, frustration, procrastination, stress, pain, anxiety, anger and depression can be cleared. Fear, insecurity and worries about the future, can be dealt with. Weight issues, lack of confidence, inability to find a partner can be conquered, if you wish.

Getting rid of the pot holes and obstacles in the way opens and smoothes the road ahead. It becomes clearer, far easier to travel. New resources appear along the way. Success is within us all.

So, if you want to make 2011 a far better year than 2010, perhaps a brilliant year, I invite you to start with a ‘tune up’, an MOT and some help to programme your sat nav. Get yourself on the right road, then put your foot down, enjoy the scenery and the wind through your hair.

Special offer: FREE with all January MOT bookings. Learn to sleep deeply, and recharge your batteries, every night with my special recording. Two tracks to choose from to ensure you sleep soundly, wherever you sleep.

Phone 07962 811907 and book in now.


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