Zoe used to bite her nails

Yes, Zoe was a nail biter all her life and was able to stop after her first hypnotherapy session. After that she just didn’t want to bite them anymore. She said it was amazing, she just stopped.

She has noticed a few differences with them longer. She has found it more difficult to type, but that doesn’t bother her, and she can tap the bench with them and they make a noise!  To start with she kept on watching them as they got longer, even reaching above her fingers. She treated herself to a manicure which she had never ever had, and now files them and uses soft coloured nail varnish. They really do look good, she is very proud of them, and so she should be.

I just had to take this photo when she came in the other day!  We had fun draping her pearls over them and trying to keep our faces out of the way as she pushed the laptop photo button with her other hand. I was holding, and hiding behind, a brown towel to provide a background.  We really did have a good few laughs getting it all right!  Just look how nice they are.


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