Stress – do you suffer stress?

Mothers juggling a family often do, and couples with communication issues, either about work, the family, or their parents. Women with PMT tension do. Parents stress over their kids, kids stress over their parents, and other kids and exams. Workers, and non workers, stress over work, money pressures, deadlines. The list goes on.

Why do you think people smoke, or overdo alcohol and drugs? They think it’s to relax but it is most often stress, or worry, that causes it and then it all became a bad habit. Stress at home, stress at work, stress with in laws, kids, you name it stress is everywhere, even prior to weddings.

Do you think that swearing, shouting, slamming doors, smoking, or drinking, fixes stress?? No, of course not. People doing this just make those around them stressed, wanting to retaliate, or run off and hide. It is no wonder many people have depression at some stage in their life.

It’s more than likely stress is the biggest instigator of disease and unhappiness in this world. When you are stressed your stomach knots up, your chest and neck muscles tighten, your breathing catches, you get a headache. You know the feeling. Your body is actually demanding more oxygen and you are having trouble supplying it. All your organs and muscles are having to work harder and harder. There is tension and strain throughout.

The body cannot cope with continual tension, things happen like shoulder and back problems, panic attacks, hardened arteries, heart attacks, strokes, and cancers. It’s a bit like the results of continual smoking these nasties come up behind you and bite you in the bum, when you least expect it!

I don’t want this to happen to you, do you?

Women, you are at the core of your family. When you learn to deal with emotional issues that wind you up, and when you learn how to relax, what a difference you will see, hear and feel, from everyone around you.

If you are tense, recognise it, deal with it, reap the rewards. It is totally worth it!  Check out my website, ring and chat if you want, but do come  and deal with it now.

It is good to feel better!


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