What to look for when choosing a hypnotherapist

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When you choose a hypnotherapist make sure you are very comfortable with speaking to them on the phone.  A hypnotherapist’s major tool is his/her voice.  You need to like the sound of their voice first, the tone, the lift, the accent, the volume.  This is imperative.

It is important, too, that the hypnotherapist listens to you and gives you good feedback showing an understanding which indicates that they have experience with the symptoms you have.  Whoever you choose needs to have your agenda and your positive outcome at heart.

Check out their website prior, make sure it is up to date. You will be able to get an idea of how professional they are by browsing the pages.  Some therapists have only trained for a matter of weeks while others have trained for some years, look for this information, and read testimonials.

Some therapists work a normal day job and do this part time, experience is slow to gain that way.  Some charge too little because they want to attract clients, others may charge higher to pay for premises and location.  Work within your own budget and don’t be afraid to mention money, there may be cheaper options available.

Recommendations are powerful it is worth asking your friends if they know someone. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover that they have done this too at some stage.

Find out as much as you can prior to contacting someone and go with your gut instinct.  If you are not happy during the first session, leave early and don’t pay, no therapist should work with someone that does not get on with them, and vice versa.

Therapy is your choice your health will improve if you feel at ease and comfortable with a competent therapist, whether it be a hypnotherapist and EFT therapist or any other therapist.


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