Your car, your body – mechanics and healers

Here is an interesting analogy.

If you were looking for a car mechanic you would expect them to have a suitable clean workshop with benches and lots of tools and equipment.  I am sure you would be casting your eye around this workshop before agreeing to have your car repaired here.  This area will reflect the quality of service you would perhaps receive.

You would also be looking at the mechanic himself and his general demeanour and customer service.  Such is business. You naturally check out a person to  help you with things you are not skilled to do. If you are not happy with what you see, you will choose not to proceed and find someone else.

Well, we spend a lot of time and money choosing the right people to help us make sure our houses, cars, childrens schools, and all sorts of other things, are as we would expect them to be, safe, in good repair, up to our standard.

When it comes to our bodies, what keeps us moving, running efficiently and in good repair, do we spend the same amount?  Often the answer is No.  All too often we push the ache and pain, the anger flare up, the sadness and tears to one side and think, ‘ Ít’ll be better in the morning’.

Often it has to be really bad to actually make the appointment and visit the Doctor/mechanic.  Sometimes the car is in such a state major repairs need to be undertaken,  it has to have lengthy tests, you need a more advanced mechanic and it’s going to take alot more time and money than you expected, it’s a major overhaul.  The trouble with this body/car is that you cannot say ‘ It will be cheaper, more efficient, to just get a new one” and then go trade it in.

Your body is your most valued asset, far in excess of anything else you own.  Without it running efficiently who would do those everyday things like supporting the partner and growing children, running the house, the car, the day to day activities. If your body is in the garage who would be bringing the money in, how would you manage, how would those dear to you manage?

Doctors are mechanics with tools to make diagnostics, take apart and repair the body and also a selection of oils they recommend to help it to run more smoothly.  However, this may not be the entire answer for you and you may wish to choose someone else to help you be better.

Choosing someone else is important.  See the next article


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