Teeth grinding and snoring

Teeth grinding and Snoring

I am amazed at how many people grind their teeth and are recommended to use mouth guards at night. That’s not my idea of a sexy evening!

Now, it could be there is a problem with teeth alignment and a guard is needed, fair enough. On the other hand stress plays a big part in this. Tension in the body is commonly stored in shoulders, neck and jaw. When jaw muscles tighten up they clamp your teeth and the behaviour of grinding starts. Teeth grinding can lead to worn and broken teeth, aching, clicky and even broken jaws, and certainly to huge dental bills.

How do you know you grind your teeth? Well, some people don’t know until their dentist tells them their teeth are worn. Others are heard by their partners, while others have sore and aching jaws the next day. Some people clamp and grind during the day. Many, many people do it.

There are all sorts of treatments, including mouth guards. Some people get regular botox to release the tension in the muscles, others take tablets, plug their noses, and I am sure there are plenty of old wives tales and interesting things on pharmacy shelves.

If you grind here is something to consider immediately.  What is going on in your life? Is there, or has there been, something you are angry or frustrated about? Are you worried?  Uncertain work, money and relationship problems can be creating tension in your jaw. You may be completely unaware why. It is wise to come and get it checked out and healed before spending any sums on treatment that may be only a patch.

Those coming to see me to release jaw tension start with hypnotherapy to relax the muscles, a habit change which makes them aware of when they grind so they immediately loosen up, whether asleep or awake. The next session is an EFT tapping session looking for stress and releasing it. Should there be a deeper causal issue this will be addressed next, and the last session consolidates all.

There is a real sense of letting go, a real relief, resulting from this process. No more grinding. In fact, lots of other muscles relaxed at the same time. Perhaps quite a saving on dental procedures.

Snoring is an interesting one. Many people snore and don’t realise it. Their partners, though, are quite aware of it and get fed up having to put up with the noise. Some even move to another bed.

Everyone has the right to sleep properly so we need to get the snorers being more aware of when they start and turning themselves over, breathing better, losing weight stopping smoking, or going easier on the alcohol. Yes, all these things influence snoring.  Send them along for some help, it will make all the difference to them and benefit the whole family.


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