An invitation to talk to the Preston ladies

I was invited to talk to the Preston ladies who meet in their delightful small country village of  cute little lanes, rose covered porticos,  really, truely english houses and gardens.

There were 17 ladies there that evening and I discussed how what you think about shapes your life.  How if you are continually going over bad experiences they will rule future ones. How if you say you are useless you will talk yourself into it.

This is  how people can’t sleep, they become obsessed with not being able to sleep and of course they can’t. Others worry about ‘what if’ scenarios. What if this happens and what if that happens, just by thinking about it they are actually bringing it to themselves.  It’s a bit of a waste of time all this worrying thinking  yet so many people get themselves into a spiral and can’t get out of it. It really does become an unconscious conditioned behaviour.

My job is to get them out of it. I suppose you could say I am a bit of a gardener. I help them dig up the weeds, chuck them out, and plant flowers.  The garden of a persons mind then has colour and brightness in, and a new outlook for all to enjoy.

The evening finished off with a  group relaxation exercise and a technique to use that very night to help them relax and sleep better.


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