Word pictures on weight

My favourate copywriter, Doug Jenner, from Best Words, has this to say.

‘Copy that works creates pictures in heads. People visualise what you’re on about. They can see it’

So here goes,  this is my word picture to you

The other night I saw a programme on TV about obese people.  One particular lady was so enormous (I think she was 33 stone) she actually allowed the TV cameras into her home to show how you can jeopardise your life if you let the calories take over and just eat and eat.   She was showing us how she lives and graffically saying please don’t ever get like this.

She has so many rolls of fat that the last huge stomach roll rested on the mid part of her upper legs. She could not walk, she could not sit properly, nor lie comfortably.

It showed her husband helping to shower her.  She was sitting and he was carefully lifting up every roll of fat to wash in the creases underneath.  She said they have to do this daily because it gets red, sore,  extremely smelly, and infected very quickly if they don’t.  They started under her great saggy boobs, then moved down lifting every heavy, white, revoltingly globby roll to wash under each. There were at least 5 different rolls of fat altogether.   It looked gross.

She was in tears as she told how she had not been able to see her grandchildren because she cannot travel.  Not only is it too difficult but she is very susceptable to infections and, also,  it would put too much strain on her vital organs.  She has already had frightening heart problems.

This woman was four times my size, one of me in her legs, one of me around her stomach, one of me around her chest and one of me in her arms and head!

I really admire her for letting everyone see her naked and hear her story. I also hope it inspires those heading towards obesity to stop and turn around.


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