More good friends to do business with

Today I met with Chris Lane of Crane and Staples,  Solicitors in Welwyn Garden City.

Chris is a conveyancer. He tells me you need a conveyancer as soon as you put your house on the market to sell. You see you need a HIPS report, thats a health and safety check on your house.  After the house is sold the conveyancer is once again needed to get all the information together for both parties prior to finalising the sale.

Now some conveyancers are linked with a specific land agent and they do business together keeping their prices carefully aligned.  Chris works independently giving the client the best price and good old fashioned value for money.  He has literally been conveyancing for years and years, knows, and is good friends with many many people in the business and many people who have bought houses using his services.  He is very caring and worth seeing should you be selling or buying a house.


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