Some stats on weight

Did you realise that more than 46% of men and 32% of women are overweight in England?  And, on top of that 17% men and 21% women are obese.  The majority of obese people are over 55.  Obesity has doubled since the mid 1980s. (2008 figures)

We are talking here of 28million men and 20 million women in England alone!

And what about the kids? Sadly there are around 1 in 4, 11 to 15 year olds, considered obese.

While you may not consider yourself  obese, or even overweight, the fact is you are probably one of more than 50% of the population that worries about your weight, is on some diet, and has self esteem issues associated with the way you look.

This is a huge issue world wide.  Our lifestyles and routines do influence our emotions. Our emotions influence the way we eat and perform.  We can spiral out of control so easily and it self perpetuates.

Not good!

Well, there’s plenty of work for all the people who sell products and help with weight loss.  But, finding something that works for you may involve years, even a lifetime, of trial and error, and certainly money.

Keep watching this blog as I unravel the mysteries of weight and show you how you can reduce yours, and feel 100%  better.


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