Great teleclass on Wednesday

Yes, we all enjoyed the teleclass on Wednesday evening. Sarah Holland and I arranged this to support people to give up smoking on World No Smoking Day.

Many people WANT to stop smoking 100%, but their BELIEF in themselves to succeed does not rate equally as highly. On a 0-10 scale where 10 was 100% one person recently rated himself at a 3. With that sort of self belief it is no wonder smokers fail to suceed.

This is where our tapping teleclass started. We wanted people to boost this number up as high as we could towards 10. Then, when that was high Sarah showed them a Craving Buster technique that can be used on cigarettes, or food, or any craving. This demo allowed the participants to change their attitude about cigarettes with tapping. We finished off with some relaxation to make the whole process easier.

This was a free teleclass. It was an especially good deal, for, not only did the participants receive a full hour of information and practical work, they all received a recording of the event to listen to, and tap along to, at their leisure.


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