Frustrations on the golf course? Learn EFT

After watching that little video it is worth applying the EFT technique to something closer to home.

Frustrations are emotional. Something or someone bothers you, you get cross. You may blame your equipment, the weather, the course condition, the groundsman, your partner, often yourself. Perhaps you didnt consciously or intentionally play your bad shot but you let it rattle you.

Unfortunately when you get cross your emotions take over and build up, this part you are responsible for. Negative emotions cause a vicious circle and makes your game get worse, the worse it gets the more frustrated you get. Your score, and enjoyment of your day, suffer.

Time to learn EFT (emotional freedom technique)!

Working on the meridian system this tapping technique quickly releases the negative emotion and allows you to settle down and get on with playing the game. EFT is simple to do yet effective. It is a good way of putting a bad stroke behind you so you can play your next shot well.

Basically it involves tapping on a few meridian points and tuning into your problem, allowing its intensity to reduce to zero. Very satisfactory! A session of EFT accompanies my ‘Play better golf‘ mindset programme. It annuls past bad performances allowing you, the player, to focus on what counts.

If you have bigger issues, relationship, work, or others, then it works on those as well. Of course it is all dependent on having someone help you get started who is thoroughly trained and knows what they are doing. It is worthwhile doing.

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