New Years resolution – Golf improvement?

You want to play a better game of golf this year? …. I wonder what you need to do to improve?

If your technique needs looking at go for some lessons. But perhaps you want to work on the mental side of your game? Perhaps playing consistently to your handicap. Perhaps improving it? Well, why not. You can do it.

Of course, if it is winter where you are, maybe you are thinking you can’t do much? Wrong!

Golf mindset improvement sessions with me come with recordings. This means you can improve your golf all through the winter, as often as you want, relaxing back in your own home, rain, hail or shine!

The beauty is that I am available by phone as well, and even one session could really make a difference for you. Numerous people have done just that – had one session, and be so pleased with the results in their game, that that’s all they needed. Others have done my 6 session programme covering goals, hindrances, confidence, calmness, concentration and consistency. You should see their progress! (read down the blog further)

What a way to get an edge on the others by the next round and improve your handicap into the bargain!


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